Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dewan BARU, Dewan Prima LJT

I have come to know that there is a new hall thats the talk of town. Its kind of like a Dewan Merak Kayangan remake. So they say.

Its pretty big and is like all inclusive of a lot of stuff.Johan Raja Lawak held his reception here.

I heard its pretty inside.

Who ever knows more do share k?

I know there's a big wedding on the 31st of Jan soon.

Try check out their website at Dewan Prima LJT.

It is situated in Taman Melawati.  Sounds cozy.

Food is catered by org Muar, good reviews.
Currently at RM58 per person ( but there is not extra costs of renting the dewan )
I think Pelamin and all those other stuff ada, but perhaps just the standard type.
The menu can be negotiated, hence the price could be cheaper.
You could even do a hi-tea event and other sorts. Rm58 is like a proper sit down dinner with the dome serve.

lets here some more info soon k?

owh here is a cut from their website

 Baju Pengantin, Andaman Professional, Photographer, Moving Lighting, Set Karaoke dan Projector.
 FREE Wedding Consultation!!!
 Harga Pakej Buffet

  • 600Pax                                  RM36
  • 800Pax                                  RM33
  • 1000Pax dan ke atas         RM30
  • Harga Pakej bermula dari RM30*.  
  • Harga adalah termasuk sewaan dewan, Katering, Kerusi Meja, Dekorasi, P.A Sistem dan Pelamin.
  • Kapasiti Dewan mampu memuatkan jemputan bagi majlis buffet seramai 1,500 orang dan 400 orang bagi majlis berhidang.
  • Sewaan untuk dewan sahaja tidak dibenarkan.
  • Lain-lain pakej akan disusuli kemudian.


  1. babe, last time my cousin's wedding buat kat equatorial bangi for around that rate je kot..dlm 60 maybe .. this year they are thinking the same place .. if you keen to put in kiv list, i leh tanye ..

  2. hye zain,

    rasa cam lama dah tak singgah ur blog..hehe..

    kalau zain nak area shah alam's hall..i have complete info for all dewan..click label reception hall kat my blog k.hope membantu la..

    ok.off topic jap..i SUKA sgt idea u utk nikah tuh..part yg dlm masjid..hope u dun mind kalau ann amik sikit idea..hehe :)

    take care dear :)

  3. may i got the contact num. so i can call for the further info.. thanks...

    mawar merah :)

  4. suerin...sweetie..it would be so great if you could ask for me. I have been interested bout equator bangi but I always assumed itd be like 80++ cam bazir pula..

    let me know k..

    of course can tiru no halnya! oh yeah we need to talk bout jakarta some more.

    mawar merah, are u able to click on the link?

    if not I will post the number soon


  5. will update psl hotel itu .. dan jakarta .. been there! weee ..

    * dh ade pic .. itu la i .. hehe

  6. hi there.. for this dewan what i know is that the designer is GEZAL MIHAT. he have the greatest baju ever. dekat wangsa maju. seriouly and his design is superb. so if u take this dewan u dont have to worries coz he is a profesional andd baju dia banyak masuk magazine ratu sehari.. pelamin dia pun cantik.

  7. Zain...i tot i dah comment here..hehe..anyway, majlis bertandang i was in this dewan that day.. :)