Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Its been almost more than half a year since I posted anything..

I don't know if I am not being fair to my readers...let alone be fair to myself..

I suddenly am here...thinking of just a year was January 2010.. the merisik..and 3 weeks after that, it all came to an end.

So maybe I am writing today, as a way to express  that I am moving on..or at least trying..and that even though there is much anger, it made me more mature through time.

Apart of me wants to just close this down, as it pains me so much, but after all these months, I still get so many emails of which exudes gratitude and appreciation, especially on matters of the DRESS.. So, its you guys that still reminds me I still can dream.. no matter how little the dream can be.

Its such a joy to see the other lovely ladies went from a bride to a wife and then a mummy.

I need to extend my apologies, for going AWOL. I did not attend some of the weddings.. I buried myself so deep in work just to distract the head and the heart, but last November, I was hospitalized due to exhaustion and an infection. 5 days in the hospital, I realized I had to go back and start loving myself.

So my 2011 resolution, to try and start dating again.

Mind you, at this age, the single guys not so much. lol.

I want to start blogging again.. its therapeutic actually.  but only if you guys will still be here and still support my oh so very shattered heart.

So we'll see how, it feels like to fall in love all over again. Inshallah, Amin.

with much love,