Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bella Swan's Wedding Dress

I know, I am a wedding dress junkie. For right now, I really can't help it.

I just so want to dedicate a post, to the 2nd most eagerly awaited wedding dress of the year right after Kate Middleton's was Bella Swans. It was so protected all though out shooting just so none of the paparazzi's would catch a glimpse the whole world was waiting too see..

The dress was very simple, rich satin with very beautiful details.

It was designed by Carolina Herera.

Let the pics do the talking

its simple, but makes the statement. I didnt try too hard. Less is always more.

love that puddle train and also the cuffs...its so "just nice exactly how it should be".

Friday, January 20, 2012

Choosing the Dress/Designer Tips

Alhamdulillah, even though I have somewhat become a slow blogger of recent times, I still get emails...asking for opinions, heads up on designers etc.

Note I know I am worst at replying, and honestly that is due to my crazy work schedule and my being tired at other times.

After much thought, a lot really because it has been a few years, I finally have a feel of how to go about this dilemma of choosing what to wear and who to make it.

There are some brides who have a lot of extra cash saved in and can afford to go that extra mile for the perfect dress. Then again there are other brides who would rather save the cash for other expenses. In the end its all up to the bride herself.

here's some tips circa scenarios

1) If you already know what you want and how you want it to be

Okay we all bought bridal magazines, googled and roam all the photog sites available to look at previous brides for ideas and inspiration. So, if you know what you want, sure of the fabric/material you would like to don. Then its best you get your material and bring a copy of the picture of the design/s to a high street tailor and have it tailored for a sensible amount. A dear friend of mine just went to one of the upscale boutiques in Pertama complex and had it done there. The outcome, beautifully tailored.

But this option will leave you a bit busy as you might need to order your shoes seperately, but again if done on your own since you know what you want to wear, itll also be affordable. Believe me there are plenty of shoe makers out there. Do share if you know any.

Another friend of mine, who was planning her wedding which was really like they met they fell in love lets marry now like in a movie story ( the guy was sooooo sweet). Well she went to jakel bought the beaded chiffon had her perosnal tailor do a mini kurung, went to ariani custom order a tudung and bought some wedding heels at Lewre. Settled. oh yeah and she bought extra chiffon had some beadings from the the kurung patched on. Simple, Sophisticated, Perfect. Saved a lot of money.

2. You are not sure what to wear, want something new and fresh and willing to spend a little more

Okay so this wear we start researching on designers. There will be segments within the list of designers. Be it the couture I would call the likes of Radzuan Radzwill, Rizalman, Salikin Sidek, Bernard Chandran, Bill Keith etc, ones that have been doing this for more than a decade and no longer needs an introduction. Prices to be on a higher scale.

 Then you have the younger yet vibrant bold upcoming designers such as Rizman Ruzaini, Hatta Dolmat, Nurita Harith,Syahrir Nordin, Jovian Mandagie, Qudyn, Arma Couture etc. Really good and they all have their personal touch, like if you were to see their designs, you know there and then without reading any excerpts that was theirs. Prices to be expensive upon designs but worth the money you pay.

Now you have the quiet rising. These are the designers that are slowly building their name but with less aggressiveness more on clientele based work. I would like to name Unaisah Azlan, Ken Anwar, Puteris in house designer etc.  These are the more hits close to home designers. Very affordable.

Then you have Syomir Izwa. I don;t know why, but syomir you have to put him in a class of his own. He has been designing for awhile now, but he build his name on his own terms, which I admire very much. Evidently lately, he has become a lot more popular with his creative designs for Yuna. But still he worked hard to be where he is now.

The reason you see a designer is to get a creation. You want plain chiffon to turn into this awesome patched lace with beadings, pleats here and there, best veil, matching shoes, new stylish tudung/turban, you name it, they create it. You pay the extra money for a creation, to make you look prettiest on that special day.

3) The Classic Bride Look 

Okay, to me there are 2 important things you need to decide, first do you want to look like a bride or do you want to look like a princess/queen. Decide that and then we can move on to the essentials. Note the Duchess of Cambridge looked like a bride on her wedding day. She wasnt trying to be a princess. Her look, stunning, classic.

What do I mean by being classic? It means that in 20 years time, people look back at your wedding pic and will say, my gosh thats so classic and chic. Which utterly means the design is and will always be in time.

For instance

Princess Grace Kelly, this wedding was back in early 1950s, but her dress until today is iconic, that even Duchess Kate wanted something of the same sort.

In ten years we will look back at these photos and still say ohhh how perfect these dresses were.

So in all Malay tradition, the safest is to just wear a kurung, may it be modern,mini or normal. Just buy pretty white lace, chiffon add some detailing at the cufffs, neckline and you are set.

I quite admired Mizz Nina's choice for her nikah. She had her baju kurung done at her personal tailor, Lady Jane, and it was simple design of a kurung. The twist was the gorgeous material she chose. I found something similar in singapore, and it was roughly 280 sing dollars per meter. So basically, you pay a lot for the beautiful fabric, but the design is toned down yet effortlessly timeless.

My other top favorites

So I know its a lot of that kebaya jubah look, and in recent times not a lot of brides have opted for this look, as perhaps it is due the rise of the designs ala dress. But somehow for me, the mini kurung and this kebaya jubah is something that I really adore.

4. Rentals

Yes, renting is another option. Many perhaps rent dresses for their sanding ceremonies, as these dresses are very elaborate and you only want to wear it once. So my best friend the one who had a shotgun wedding almost, rented a gorgeous dress from Syahrir Nurdin, but for her tandang ceremony she bought a ready made piece which was also so very beautiful from a boutique which I can't recall where. Basically she spent RM4k on all her dresses, nikah, sanding and bertandang. 2 were hers and chiffon so she could where it again, the other one rented.

I guess in the end it all drops down to how much money you are willing to spend.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ken Anwar Updates


Remember I did start blogging about Ken Anwar a year ago... I heard from him there has been quite a number of readers that started hiring his services. Before this he was attached with another fashion house. But now he is totally on his own. Which gives him more liberty to work and focus on each project. 

I have done quite a few dresses with him actually. Nothing extravagant, but impeccable work for me to wear to a wedding/weddings. 

It was chiffon.. with victorian button cuffs.. and a pretty not over the top at all was frilly actually...not trailly.

major point. VERY AFFORDABLE.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Merisik Amy *ummi Anya

Dear Amy,

This is for you.

I remember meeting amy, months Sabs wedding. She was just newly married herself. Okay they both have healthy babies now, so it wasnt was more than a year ago!!

Anyways, amy being the ever so creative person she is and her dear husband, went on seriously with their business, Merisik Gallery.

I kept looking in to see their booming business. Hopefully, maybe just one day, I will get to hire her services.

Its that homey touch they have. That just makes it feel so at place.

Hopefully by the time I get to have my fairytale, MG will around and not too busy.

ohhhh Bless you Amy and family.

May all good things come your way.

Love zain.

New Year


So it seems, it has been ages since I shared anything on my blog.

Firstly I had to move due to a project at work. So I am for the current time, not based in KL. Which is bonkers, because I miss my family a little too much.

Secondly, he got married over Christmas. Yes, some days I am still speechless.

Which comes to the point, that Allah charts are lives in ways we sometimes do not understand, but there will come a time when we do.

Over Christmas, my best friend and I went to Singapore...because I just couldn't be here. I dont really feel like I can even get on facebook.

Its not that I can't get over him, its just the fact that he moved on, or is trying to. We did speak before my big move. May only good things come to him.

Bless him Allah, he deserves happiness.

Happy New year everyone.