Sunday, July 31, 2011

Salam Ramadhan


Dear Ladies,

I am at the moment in faraway land. But I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy Ramadhan and may your ibadah's be full of joy and compassion.

Thank you also for the emails pouring in, I know I am slow at responding sometimes, its just that I am not at libertly to keep blogging my hearts desire as much as I want to.

None the less, I know there are many of you in the midst of final preparations for weddings this Syawal. Good luck, and be patient, I know in Ramadhan there are so much tests on our patience.

Much Love,

Zain xx

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak Peek : Cake Shaped Boxes

Isn't it lovely?

Yes ladies, there's a new vendor in town. I think these cake boxes are divine, its something new and out of the norm. Best of all, tailor made to suit your themes.

Truth be told, I have been wanting to share about this latest creation for awhile, but finally given the best time to do so.

What do you think? Its cute, as sometimes, its hard to put cakes on hantarans due to it being exposed. But with these cute boxes which come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, you can choose what to fill it in with - chocs, sweets,cake slices, cookies ...etc.

I hope you guys can share your thoughts. Will definitely blog more about this soon. Till then, do drop a line.

Zain xx

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Knowing He Was the One

I know some of you guys are wondering whats up with the title right?

Well suddenly, out of curiosity this got me thinking. A few weeks back, a close friend of mine, she got married but not to her fiance, but a guy she met 2 months prior to the wedding and only 3 times did they actually meet. After her wedding, I had dinner with her and obviously we were talking about the development of our relationship part of our lives. Apparently I am still playing the field. But I asked her, how did you know he was the one? You met him 3 times only before the day he lafaz akad. And she simply said "when you meet the one, your heart and head just knows". 

Mind you she was not the first one to say this.. Yes, when you, you know. 

But it hasn't come to me yet..

However I want you ladies to share with me, your part of the story. How did that "yakin" feeling come to you. Do share, Mashallah, how it would be a good way of sharing to others. Well yes, I am not at all ruling out to solat ishtikharah, however this is just a way to reflect moments that just come to you without you realizing it nor having any control what so ever.

Like they say, When you know, you know. 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jakel Shah Alam

Good Morning Ladies

I suddenly have this cringe to share some information on my nice shopping experience with the ever famous Jakel.

To be honest, for wedding materials Jakel is like a one stop shop if u don't really feel like hopping into so many shops. Gulatis and Euro Moda have a wonderful collection, but once ur on TAR Road, you would want to roam all the shops there. I believe it is worth the energy, you are going to spend hundreds or thousands of ringgit, so walk.

A few weeks ago I was at Jakel, in search for some materials for a wedding I am to attend. I thought of treating myself to some nice materials, as it has been awhile since I updated my baju kurung collection.

So off I was at Jakel (tar) on the 3rd floor I think looking at beaded chiffons. After a lot of trying out, I ended up
with a lilac colored chiffon with some blue colored flowers.

But yesterday, my sister and our friends and I went to Jakel Shah Alam, and Mashallah the choices there are 3 times what Jakel (tar) offers.

We all comfortably sat down and let ourselves sink in all those beautiful fabric.

Ok I need to resume writing this later.

Loves xx

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

KEN ANWAR - Dress No.2

Assalamualaikum Ladies....

Oh dear, a thousand apologies again for my being missing in action.

What  have I missed....

Well too much side drama in my life, however so, the world of bridal dresses have never came to a stop.

I haven't even blogged on Duchess Catherines dress yet!

Well, I just wanted to share some stuff. Remember I had such rave reviews about Ken Anwar?

Guess what, he is doing another dress for me. It should be ready in 2 weeks, have a fitting with him next week. The dress is very simple, he will just need to touche it up with some stones or what not. But his real challenge? Designing the hijab/tudung.

I cant wait to see how it will look like.

So consider the fact that this is my 2nd dress with him in such a short period of time, yes love, he is good and I actually afford this stylist+designer!

To any of you thats interested please call

KEN ANWAR at 0122441803