Sunday, June 6, 2010

Of times

It didnt work out for me. Its been awhile. But it hurts just the same. One day this will be okay.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fresh Faced

I love looking at Christina Hendricks.

She makes me feel its alright to not be thin or slim for that matter..haha

 hair is nice.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Long Time Coming



I think its been soooooo long since I shared anything..

So much has happened... Work has been horrendous..

personal laptop pon sorta had a glitch...

and so many other dramas

There has been tears... sadness...cuddles from good friends...

its been ok... seems like its getting better..

Zain harap things will only get better from now on.

And Zain mohon maaf sgt tak join the big gathering at Zone Park.

they say, sometimes the best gifts comes in the ugliest packages.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Updates > Congrats Amy, Sylla WLT

Oh yeah.....

Blogger  is still TOLLING me..

Zain takleh comment kat other blogs...n now I cant even comment on my own...ish....Am I grounded or something??

Well u know blogging is a therapy session to me...

so I got to spill dress details smores....

  I find this one gorgeous..

And this one reminds me of Diah's super gorgeous wedding dress...

the color mama wants for the nikah.....

The soft make up for the engagement...(perasan eva pula..hehe)

I want a three tier cake on nikah day to cut and share and have guests try them too...havent a clue on designs yet though...everything is just soooo breath taking, you dont have the heart to cut it..

The cake better taste good...

Zain nak ambil wish Amy and WLT, the best of what dreams may come...Amin..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tak boleh comment on other blogs

hello darlings....

dah lama zain tak blog.... apart from busy at work, kalah bees...and some on the side drama....zain penat...trying to get rest..

and to make it worse....zain tak boleh comment blog b2b yg lain...zain try comment at Amy's, Sabs,wlt, Cik Belle, Diah, abby...etc.. sume tak boleh...geram....dah seminggu lebih...ish... what is the matter!!!!

if any of you are having the same probs..let me know...or how to dissolve this issue...I miss commenting... I miss being apart of this small getaway world from my so hectic schedule!!

by the way i like this veil... ( sorry had to do a fashion statement jugak dalam2 frust nih )

love xx

Sunday, January 31, 2010

center pieces

I am planning some simple sweet DIY and  money savvy..

Here are some ideas....

owh....who doesn't love flowers?


Friday, January 29, 2010

Make Up

Yesterday, being that I had a day off, I started to make a lot of vendor calls.

I called a few make up artists, and Alhamdulillah the dates I aim for are still available.

There is one artist I really hope to work with. Its just that I haven't confirmed dates..just the month and the week.

oh dear...susah kan bab tetapkan tarikh ni..

Well anyways

I have a few looks I like. I have this thing with mag covers I guess.

tell me what you think

Ok obviously, Zain tak adalah features persis di atas..hehe tp insyaAllah, the artist will make me look adoringly pretty just the same.

* Zain tak pernah shape eyebrow, hence I am into the bushy Brooke Shields/Camilla Belle Brows...and Ugly Betty tooo...hehehe

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shots>> not too miss


This is an idea I just made up.

You know how hard it is to choose which photog to use for your wedding, considering there are hundreds to choose from?

Well some choose the photogs through

  • their past work
  •  their establishment
  •  their ability to capture moments
  • their price
  • their workmanship in totality
  • their skills in editing

So my idea is, don;t laugh now, I am gathering random pics of love that I LOVE and ADORE, and will show it to the photog, that these are the moments, the shots I want him to capture.

let me share a few that I have in mind...

( yg ni cam kelakar jugaklah, to pull off..hehehe)

and my favorite

    ini gambar wajib
no one can change my mind  :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baju Nikah with Veil Hoodie

I remember reading AmyMizzunderstoods blog awhile ago.

She was sharing her ideas and her fondness to the hoodie slendang nikah dress.

Here are some pics

(Gambar)Diana-Zamarul sah bergelar suami isteri | Gambar Pernikahan Diana Rafar dan Zamarul Hisham | Gambar Perkahwinan Diana Rafar dan Zamarul Hisham | Zamarul, Diana Rafar Diijabkabul | Video Perkahwinan Diana Rafar dan Zamarul Hisham | PERKAHWINAN, news, scandal, gossip, Weddings, Families, Divorces of Celebrities

well Zain pon dah selamat mencipta cipta satu dress yg sume bercantum..

i plan it for my wedding tea party... ( long story, will story molly more )

What do you guys think?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nikah di Masjid>> kehadiran tetamu dlm kdaan tidak Suci

I know, lately, I don't blog much, and when I do, its not really such good informative entries. Truth be has been tough on me.

Anyways, I have some reserved thoughts. I do not mean to make it controversial. Just lets share our knowledge. 2 is better then 1. Let alone ramai di platform medium ini.


Sometimes I feel its afdhal to have a nikah at masjid. Tambahan lg in my town area there are a few MashAllah pretty mosques.

Tapi then, i came to understand through my cousin and uncle, her nikah will be done at home, because keluarga pengantin tak nak tanggung dosa for the tetamu yg dalam kdaan tidak suci ( haid ) yg hadir di majlis akad.

Ok then we understand now, kat Masjid dah byk ada dewan kecil2 bercantum tu the mosque. Like Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, ada hall, where ramai dah couples akad there and terbaru Serina Chef Wan. A beautiful do there. Ramai pula tetamu. So if in a hall as per se, would that be fine and considered not direct part of the mosque where we need to jaga kesucian untuk menghadap Allah.

You all know lah Zain... all about the dress and the grand nikah. hehe

Tapi we share our knowledge and understanding. Sebab hati Zain was was, keluarga fikir better just do at home. Tapi at the same time rasa akad nikah di masjid sgt gah. Nikah di rumah Allah swt.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dewan BARU, Dewan Prima LJT

I have come to know that there is a new hall thats the talk of town. Its kind of like a Dewan Merak Kayangan remake. So they say.

Its pretty big and is like all inclusive of a lot of stuff.Johan Raja Lawak held his reception here.

I heard its pretty inside.

Who ever knows more do share k?

I know there's a big wedding on the 31st of Jan soon.

Try check out their website at Dewan Prima LJT.

It is situated in Taman Melawati.  Sounds cozy.

Food is catered by org Muar, good reviews.
Currently at RM58 per person ( but there is not extra costs of renting the dewan )
I think Pelamin and all those other stuff ada, but perhaps just the standard type.
The menu can be negotiated, hence the price could be cheaper.
You could even do a hi-tea event and other sorts. Rm58 is like a proper sit down dinner with the dome serve.

lets here some more info soon k?

owh here is a cut from their website

 Baju Pengantin, Andaman Professional, Photographer, Moving Lighting, Set Karaoke dan Projector.
 FREE Wedding Consultation!!!
 Harga Pakej Buffet

  • 600Pax                                  RM36
  • 800Pax                                  RM33
  • 1000Pax dan ke atas         RM30
  • Harga Pakej bermula dari RM30*.  
  • Harga adalah termasuk sewaan dewan, Katering, Kerusi Meja, Dekorasi, P.A Sistem dan Pelamin.
  • Kapasiti Dewan mampu memuatkan jemputan bagi majlis buffet seramai 1,500 orang dan 400 orang bagi majlis berhidang.
  • Sewaan untuk dewan sahaja tidak dibenarkan.
  • Lain-lain pakej akan disusuli kemudian.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wedding I Wish

Ever since I was little , i knew and decided I always wanted a big MERIAH nikah ceremony.At nightfall, after maghrib...A girl can always dream right?  Coz its the wajib part. I want everyone to be there and hear the guy lafaz aqad that changes our lives forever.

And reading and imagining SabSabby's akad nikah, its a lot like how I want it to be. But due to a lot of reasons, byk kene improvise. My parents( aka my mum! hehehe) has her own vision of my wedding hence I need to give and take.right?

Well there was another wedding/akad nikah. The bride did exactly how I wish I could have mine. She called everyone for the wedding and she parted the hall into 2, one side for the bride's and the other for the grooms. Once everyone is settled down and sat on the carpets with both family's facing each other, the groom walks in and his groomsmen with the hantarans. Then the kadi walks in with the grooms father and saksi.

Finally the bride walks in with her parents and bridesmaids with the hantarans.

here are some pics

its intimate. Thats how I want it to be, intimate.

after the nikah was the proper sit down dinner. And everyone mingled around having a good time and taking pics. So it wasnt very formal. It was fun and together.

I on the other hand understood that we will need another kenduri to have the wedding done. So I wished for a garden wedding with chiavari chairs and fresh flowers and smiling faces.owh and an awesome dessert buffet!!

So again when cruisin Sab's blog I found pics I loved. I prefer long tables really compared to round tables coz    feels so clique-ish these round tables. Coz the high note is meant for everyone to mingle around.

I really hope that when my wedding comes, I get to spend time with the guests that have kindly spared their time to come and enjoy my big day.

As of this moment, we haven't yet finalized my wedding per se.

One moment its going to be a night nikah and the following day a dinner reception. Then its a morning nikah, tea party for my friends as the reception is very limited to parents friends and family.

But now, you know, knowing Zain, I always seem to brew up another fantasy lol!

I am sort of in the midst of trying to get a quote for another venue. Not really popular but I will sort of give me the starry eyed do I dream. Hopefully the prices they charge aren't too pricey.

I feel bad watching the ruins of Haiti on tv. :(

Friday, January 15, 2010

sedih & tertekan sedikit

Tomorrow, InsyAllah for the first time our parents will meet.

But today I have to go to the office. Now.

A lot of major amendments to work out for a series of major presentations next week.

Mum is upset. Marah and suruh ambil MC coz she wants everything to be very put together for tomorrow.

However so I can't let the team at the office down just for my being selfish.

so the deal is...super short time today at the office no more then 4 hours.

Then head of to mum's tailor pick up the stuff ( i am not so sure what exactly ) and to Aunty's also pick up something. Then home.

Hope my lil bro comes back from uni. Need him to arrange some carpets and some other heavy lifting stuff.

I don't feel chirpy anymore.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meetin Diah and a lil updates


Owh.....lately Zain sgt busy and kalut with a lot of things. And I have been hittin the gym almost everyday.

There is so much I want to share..But I dont fancy blogging separuh jalan and drafting it up for another day. So will be more informative next time.

Petang td, Zain met Diah for the first time. Syukur it was great. She is exactly how you picture her to be. Sweet and great personality.

Sunday ni, our parents will sit down to deliberate the real plan. InsyAllah it will all turn good.

Hati berdebar.

Sgt berdebar.

Allah tenangkan hatiku.


Friday, January 8, 2010

not so lil black dress

black and white wedding dress 4 know me... I search and dig and think about dresses most of the time!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dress ooh la la

This dress is so me...


too bad I cant pull it off....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Specially Made Tudung for Nikah, Wedding etc

Jangan mencintai seseorang seperti bunga, kerana bunga mati kala musim berganti. Cintailah mereka seperti sungai, kerana sungai mengalir selamanya.

Remember how I am so hooked on Erra Fazira' dress and look during her akad to E.Emran? Well I have always contemplated, whether to wear a normal chiffon tudung with no hard board thingy to keep things in place, so that nak batalkan air sembahyang, he could kiss the forehead and not hit anything. Tapi Erra's tudung keras was so pretty MasyaAllah. I even started to want to save up and tempah a nice tudung from Sri Munnawarah.. Poyo pula rasa...hehe

Until, I found out there are a few specialised designers in the pretty bling bling tudungs with awnings they say.

Gatal tangan dah ni nak try tempah tudung for engagement.

So sweethearts, try dig these sites..

Let me know what you think...

Or perhaps I'll stick to normal tudung for nikah, but bling2s for my sanding and others..

Here is one from MyHannah

Suddenly reminds me of Serina's tudung for her nikah...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dress 1 by Unaisah Azlan


After all the mess I made having so many entries just about dresses...Well finally, I have one dress safely sent to my ooh la la dressmaker designer, Unaisah Azlan.

I met her last week, before my trip to Jakarta. As shared by Ms X, Unaisah greeted me with a smile from her owh syukur such a big bungalow in Shah Alam. She works from home. She has a cute studio as her working space in her house.

She is nice and was equipped with ideas, she took in account all the stuff I told her bout my body and what I prefer. We had to make some changes because I want to accommodate what my mum wants for the dress too! I went alone, coz they say, unless its off the rack, and you have your own ideas for your dress go alone, cause it'll be hard when you hear so many other voices talking!


So I want to share with you the final sketches that I took home to show to mum and for her endorsement obviously.. Well I have to keep her happy.

Here is a pic of it from my old not so canggih camfon

I cut it out and pasted it on my lil black wedding book..Owh..I love that she made the sketches on a full bodied woman...some do it so stick thin!

Well, to keep you guessing my dress is one of the above.

Its going to be made from peach pink satin and white french lace with pink beadings..

InsyAllah, Unaisah will make it great!

My first fitting is later in January..

I am so glad Miss X shared me bout Unaisah and Studio Twenty 6.

And the cutest bit was when she asked me, the quoted price, was that ok with my budget..owh ur such a darling.

Keyra Mansor & Ombak Bridal

I was just cruising the the internet...

And found these 2 bridal boutiques online..

Wanted to share with you guys some ideas and options.

check out these websites...   Keyra Mansor  and Ombak Bridal.

Keyra Mansor creation


Perhaps worth checking out?

Do share if you do!



Ombak Bridal




I was at the Gardens yesterday...and I saw these jeweled Robinsons... They are on sale currently for RM159.90.. Just in case there are any brides on the look out for shoes to glam up you W dress!

I know its pricey to have them custom made... Unless you try PKNS Shah Alam.

I had the pleasure of stopping by Great Eastern Life Mall on Ampang Street..

And I actually found out there is a Thomas Chan boutique there. Its really famous now, since they are super good at making really high heels thats still meant to be good for your foot, back and posture.

I asked in, you can make them in any color of leather or you can bring in you materials to match your dress.

However so, its a bit pricey, starting from RM300++..

I thought, if ada duit lebih saved up, I could do one pair for sanding where I have to stand up all through out.

Will need to get more info from sab about the PKNS shoemaker and also from my mum, since there is someone that makes shoes for her school stuff..