Sunday, November 29, 2009

For Sab

I remember my first time stumbling on the bride to be blogs...

My first was Sab's...I found it very warm...

I continued reading..and found out that she plans to have all her outfits in a kurung fashion..

and over the weekend I saw some friends marry...and one in particular..wore white songket kurung for her nikah and a full lace kurung for her sanding..its beautiful and timeless..

Suddenly I thought...oooh timeless is nice too...

so DEAR SAB, your choice is perfect!

isnt it just sweet simple and timeless??? Umm....Mula la ni my head....coming up with other options! ( dress deciding will be the hardest!)

Here is another pic of a friend who just had her akad...She was so pretty...It;d make you cry!

I find the short veil very great fashion statement and also timeless...tapi...I wear a tudung...would it be sesuai??

Ok..and then there is this bride...she did like a jubah type...but something bout the whole ensemble thats very elegant...I quite like this too...( this is my friend's friend)

now still sab..ur right...a kurung like a safe bet it will flaunt any body type to its best potential!  ummmmm.........  

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Decorations > Khareyan Events

I think its a wonder why I have not touched base at all regards to my wedding decorations.. Where as its very much an essential.


  • I am afraid of the price tag. Obviously decorations are so expensive and the prettier it gets, the heavier our cheque$$$ becomes..
  • Everything is too beautiful how could you ever choose... ( I mean look at my GaGaness over wedding dresses!!)
  • My house is relatively small due to mum's extensive interior....and the garden is hilly, kind of hard to fit in a canopy.
  • still afraid of the price tag...and no I am not that stingy..just cam trying to save what I can.

But HOW COULD I NOT LOVE CHIAVARI CHAIRS?????????? have been in love with them before I fell in love with Edward Cullens.....( new moon fever...i am not sure how long this will take)


and then I tumbled upon this picture....and my hearts sealed!

This is by Khareyan Events. They specialize in rental of canopies, chairs etc...I just emailed them for a quote...hope its....affordable. In that sense, where its still ideal and I don't feel guilty.

* I also admire our fellow blogger Niki. Her home akad event was very much something I had in mind.. Intimate.

now if you darlings could kindly share me other I can have a good survey on prices.. I know that serambi kaseh does this setting but I have not yet located any blogs or webs of them. NSJ events & Suri Catering say they have this do too, but still not totally sure on details. Do share what you know aite?

Love Zain

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twihearts >> Bella's Wedding Dress


My brother...yes my brother made it a tradition that we 3 siblings will always watch the Twilight Saga movies together before we watch it with anybody else...yes all 3 of us love the book...right after we graduated from Harry Potter.

So here it is ...3.35am...we just got back after watching a midnight show..( my bro got the tickets...he couldnt wait for daylight, he had to get the earliest tickets possible) WE LOVED IT. yes the whole time we were fighting coz my bro is TEAM JACOB and I of course am TEAM EDWARD...i kept saying...Jacob...watak tak perlu..hahaha

I don't wana give away any details...

But I want to share...that since later, Bella & Edward get married, all the top designers in the states are designing her dress...guess which one will win the part!

here goes...

Max Azria

Max Azria

Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung

Monique Lhullier
Monique Lhuillier

Badgley Mischka
Badgley Mischka

Zac Posen

Zac Posen

Lela Rose

Lela Rose

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano

so whats your fave??

My personal choice....and what I think would match Bella.... Max Azria of course..

love >> Zain Anna

Click Click Flash Flash

Have you ever watched Sex and the City the Movie? Well i just love the part where Carrie gets to try on all those lovely wedding dresses for the photoshoot...and they played Ciara's Click Click Flash Flash in the background.. I sowant to get caught in that moment..

So this entry will be about Qaem and myself's personal choices for wedding photography.. Apparently if you want the good ones you need to book them earlier to.. ( and I thought a year of planning is sufficient!)

On the bright side of it...My Uncle Teh is an avid photographer too but he's into scenery and he is in some association too.

His advice was

  • Its your wedding day, go for a photog with a name, establishment. Yes there are a lot of talent out there..But you only have one wedding. You can't re-do a wedding.Hire a pro, as they don't want to mess up their name too. It might be pricey but it would be worth it. 
  • Analyse their previous work, and look for a photog that doesn't focus on just faces, the bouquet, finger photo ( u know those hearts lah, those frames bride and groom put fingers together)..
  • Look for a photog that captures the moment with everything around to be the subject...
  • Don't go for more than RM3500 for a package. ( nikah, sanding, tandang >> post/pre wed is complimentary usually).
  • Be careful, for big names, make sure you get THAT NAME to do the clicking...not sending their juniors.
  • Discuss lighting beforehand with photog. Let them have a good idea.
  • Never sound desperate to them...make sure they know...there are plenty of other options.
  • Its ok if they don't print a lot out...coz printing on your own is cheap too.

Qaem and I's current eyes are on

But as of now Qaem is still figuring it all out. Anyways I let him be in charge of this.. He seems more well read in the art of catching moments!

Now do share what your choices...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



I took a day off relax...and clean up the house for raya tomorrow. I am the one responsible at home now..So I have to do the right thing. Well I also booked a facial session too!

I think by now, who ever reads my blog, would realize the ever so apparent fact that I am very dress-obsessed.
In full, the most thought of aspect in my wedding has been the dresses I wear. Its not that I am your typical stereotype lass, I just was brought up by parents to always wear according to the situation and to always be confident what you wear and how you carry yourself.

So again I share you my google geology findings.

and finally, one that I like the tudung and veil style..

Since my offwhite chiffon for akad nikah is pretty fully beaded...I thought maybe I could do a simple do but have a detailed tudung and veil..

I find the mini train cute...but still considerate to the whole baju kurung concept.

Care to share me what you think??

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Plan


I just had to write this.. I couldn't contain it inside anymore...

For formality, Qaems family will come over towards the end of Dec to discuss with mum and dad the details of dates and plans..

Then a lil into 2010, earliest April if not May, a small engagement will be held..nothing big..its meant to be intimate...but my dress needs to make me pretty..itll be the 1st time I meet Qaems extended family..

So later on the year only...we'll be officially man and wife..InsyAllah..

I always wanted a grand akad ceremony...but now, i have to give and take..cause mum and dad want a nice reception/kenduri tooo....

Knowing my they book everything as early as possible...( one at Felda Perdana was book 1 year and 3 months before!!) I contacted a few for quotations.. But there is one place my parents love...
Believe me if dad likes it and says it...then it has to be good.

So I emailed a week ago..and fortunately, they were coming to our office to meet other people, hence decided to meet me after....

and today...tadaaaa... I meant 2 event planners for that certain venue... they gave me a folder...and shared all they could...I understood better of their offer..and alhamdulillah..the date I want is still available...I think the price is just nice.. It appears pricey..but it comes together with other things to...decorations, dais, pillars in the end..its kinda like the same if you hold it at home..cuma you pay everything to separate people that it doesnt seem  like you are blowing it all off at once..

But however so, i won't be able to invite everyone I believe...hence if there's any extra money..perhaps I will do a low key garden party too for  those I cant invite.... ( perasan tak??)  Its not that I dont want too..but for the reception... I have to prioritize mum and dad's its really all about them..

I want them to be happy.

Shoe Me Shoot Me


I dont care...if this is making me happy everyday, then blog I will.

I want to have a balance life..therefore...if at home I want to not think of work...really! ( as if ) I remember Sab bloggin bout shoes...and I suddenly thought..umm..what shoes shall I wear??

I found some simple ideas..but they might be too simple...just want to share..

perhaps nanti boleh tempah..and save some "dough"

I know...some are Christian Louboutins......a girl can dream something fictional kan?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Owh....I suddenly feel happy...


well, firstly coz I have more info of the bridal dress making industry in malaysia..

a dear friend introduced me her dressmaker/designer.... A Miss Newly, but she has talent..So I thought of getting my engagement dress done first..

then...cherry it on top, my friend from work introduced me to her designer..pretty famous.. and price range is in affordable but worth every penny but still not cut throat but still got a name tagged to it..

So.... umm....I have a few dressmakers/designers on my list...

which one exactly will get to do the works for my big day...we'll watch it unfold....cehh....budget project runway!!!!

when its all put together i shall post PROJECT BRIDEWAY...

Qaem is out of town... I miss him.. tadi I stopped by the Ferragamo sale...saw a few items, good bargain, but will wait for him to be back...if he likes then I will get one.. I thought...beli sikit2...lama2 nanti tak terasa sgt nak buy all at once.. * believe me its not crazy priced..thats why I stilll can afford..kesian Qaem..he saved a lot for the I know the hantarans are what makes him so excited...I dont want to disappoint him..

I bet I will blog more soon..Believe me...its the only thing thats keeping me happy lately...and dazy

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Updates Jakarta

First of parents safely made it to Mekah...syukur...syukur..syukur..

secondly I am their were so many guests over at the house..and its dire mess...that even my siblings offered to all help clean up..

but most of all....syukur sgt...coz Qaems family will come risik2 once parents are back...perhaps Awal Muharram nanti.. set all drama aside...Ya Allah, mudahkan lah jalan jodohku.. andai ini yg terbaik, dekatkanlahku dgn dia.

well...last weekend I sort of did this emotional post...which i later removed..Sorry..I felt that it was posted in anger and frustration...nanti I will do a seperate post to explain what not and suggest/advise all u sweethearts out there the darkside of jalan tar!

next up is... my Jakarta Trip towards the end of Dec...

What I planned so far

  • Must go to Mayestik for fabric...will badly need to persuade dad
  • Must go to Tanah Abang coz both parents keep saying it
  • Must go to Mangga Dua
  • Must get materials for reception both side ( need to further discuss with Qaem )
  • Must get fabric for bridesmaids
  • Must get spa works done on this body no wonderland plus face too
  • Must get materials for the family
Ok...what else am I missing?? Umm..well we are now not sure yet Ibis Arcadia or Ibis Mangga Dua..Boleh takkkkkk belum boook...

oh yes...Veil...well its settled that I want to wear net type of whats the take...better buy the net there...or its just the same here in kl? do advise..

Finally...umm....I am still waiting if anyone could kindly comment on my previous entry..have been waiting for days to get my blog isnt upscale enough yet I guess!..

Plz share me info regards to my dais dilemma..


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dais/Pelamin.....Please help Me


I know I keep complaining...but I am so tired! Dah lah today ada fire drill kat pet twin towers...selamat all 10k staff turun tangga all the way from like 80th floor!

i miss blogging...but i really havent the time lately..and its made me daydream also bout my wedding..will need to update more bout it..

but for now...I wanna talk bout the dais..

first of all, as you may come to understand..i want the akad nikah to be perfect...coz itu yg wajib..

and since my mum has a lot of say and want her way...i just want to control most of the akad nikah session..

therefore it has come to the dais part..

ever since 16 I remember going to a wedding at a nice hotel...but they had a duduk bersimpuh dais..and I loved it...but mama thinks raja sehari must have the throne my classiq simpuh was rejected...but then ada nikah...

loved this one...i wana sit there and stare into his eyes...and not care bout anything else...

This one is sweet...its white..and at the same time its almost like a love doesnt really look like ur on the floor but u still need to sit simpuh style... the one the royals, zara and Raja nazrin had were sit on the floor like..

ok here is another kinda like what I want from a famous celeb wedding courtesy of syokkahwin..

Now....apart from sharing me your ideas....

I also need you sweethearts to share with me any vendors or wedding services that supply these types of dais...I have been rummaging though magazines, pengantin, ratu sehari and also endless blogs and websies...but still havent found please help me!

i wana keep it simple...but yet near perfect..

please share with me k? I have such limited knowledge and contact info!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

veil + jakarta wish list

Oh dear....I have missed writing or blogging for that matter...really demotivated with work right now.... sakit hati pun ada....ish... now I am slowly buliding my jakarta list...

so far a lot of darlings suggested and highly recommend to go to mayestik...for french lace...

now i wana get some material for bridesmaids...we all wana look alike..well exclude me of course..

i have also given much thought on veils.. white chiffon kurung ( still stuck on the modern kurung ) well i was wondering what to pair it with.. a net lacey veil...or chiffon veil?? wat say you sweet hearts?

i quite liked how simple but sweet Anil Lutaze looked in her chiffon kurung and chiffon veil....but i also admire those kinda elaborate but not to much lace net type of veils...

i know many bought their veils in that becoz its cheaper and they have ready made??

do wiki this...

take care love. xx

p/s teribly need to read a report..wish i could go on and on here tho...opportunity costs!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hot Mess

Oh.....crap...*excuse my french..hehe..

I have never had this bad of 2 weeks in my working life.... Immense Pressure......

and before this...if i had any bad stress...i wud just think of my wedding..and it will all be like okay for a minute or two...but this time...I didnt even have time for that!

I just remembered, my parents and I have tickets to go to Jakarta next month. We are not sure whether we should make a short trip to Bandung as well.. We have never been to neither places...Hence so not sure what to do nor expect.

Please share.. I know that if in Jakarta, we should go to Tanah Abang coz thats where all the nice materials.. ( looking for french lace and materials for the family and bridesmaids and usherers )....

We might also need to get more favors...

If everything is sufficient to get in Jakarta and the choices are more or less the same, then we will stick to Jakarta...if its worth going to Bandung, then we shal try go there..

But please do share your experience or info..

Back to reality...Owhhhhh I hate the fact that work can be so stressful... kadang terlalu risau tentang kerja... tp usaha untuk akhirat pun tak jaga, wrong also...

Need to become a better person. I have to have a good relationship with Allah SWT before all else and to have a good relationship with husband to be.