Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ken Anwar in Pengantin Mag, Feb 2012


I just want to share that Ken Anwar, I have been blogging about him a bit in the recent year, well
Masyallah, his rezeki justs gets better..His design of late was for a Tan Sri's daughter and is feat in the magazine.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

URGENT, Hall for 1000 pax


Dear All,

I need your help, as my darling friend is getting married and is the quest to find a hall for 1000 pax, as they want to hold a sit down dinner. They are not opting for a hotel, as they prefer to have control over the food choices plus it'll be more personal.

We have tried but they are either too small or fully booked till next year.

  • Dewan Sri Siantan Putrajaya,
  • Dewan Sri Endon
  • Dewan Sivik PJ
  • Dewan Level 10 Maju Junction (500 paxx) but pretty
  • Dewan Prima LJT (450paxx)
  • All the Feldas
  • A lot of community halls all over
  • MAEPs totally booked for all of 2012

So please share if you might know any place. It will be great help.



Monday, February 6, 2012

Unaisah Azlan Feb 2012 Update

Dear All,

I get a lot of emails with regards to Unaisah.. I sure have good news for you, as Unaisah will be able to take orders for June 2012 on-wards. She will be out of the country this month, hence it will be difficult to get a hold of her, but due try catching her mid March, am sure she will try to cater your appointments InsyaAllah.

I am hoping to get a booking to, hopeful that my times is here too.

Will blog a bit more soon.

Best wishes



email Unaisah : Unaisah@gmail.com