Saturday, October 31, 2009


Do you wish to stay young, healthy, rich & immortal? If you desire these things, you won't find it in this world. You can however, in the Life of Hereafter. Allah has decreed misery and impermanence for this world. God called life a trifle & enjoyment of deception.

There is a well-known poet from a really long time ago, who for the greater part of his life lived a life of penury. In the prime of his youth, he wanted money but couldn't get it. He wanted a wife too, but he failed in that pursuit as well.
However, when he became old, with white hair and brittle bones, he became rich. Women were all willing to marry him and he had a comfortable life.
The irony of his story is that he was "poor" when he was able to enjoy all comforts and that he became rich when he could no longer enjoy the pleasures of life.

He composed these verses in the latter part of his life :

"What I desired to own when I was only twenty,

Came into my possession after turning eighty.

Young Turkish girls now surround me,

Singing and wearing silks & jewels.

They say ' your moans keep us awake all night long, so what is it that you complain of?

I said,' Of being an octogenarian".

"...and they thought they would never return to Us." (Quran 28:39)

I say,

Don't be sad you never get that LV bag, or that nice Nissan Fairlady, or the nice big house with palm trees, or the good looking guy that prefers loafers over sneakers, or the girl that makes everyone look back at her twice, or that you never get to watch the Champions League live, or live like a footballer or the wife either, or that you can't join Miss World..ok, I think you get the point.

We see the pleasures of this life, but believe me, we don't have a clue the feeling of pleasure what Allah has Hereafter.

To whom ever who reads this, means you have the privilege to the internet, meaning your life is somewhat alright. Imagine people in Africa? they don't even have clean water let alone worry of updating facebook and twitter. We all just gotta keep being grateful.

To my own self, its okay whatever I drive, coz that is a pleasure then those who don't afford to do so,its okay to just wear Rimmel then MAC ( as if you can tell??)ok..I admit Avons more affordable,its ok to eat at mamak maju than Madam Kwans,to eat Paddle Pop and not Ben & Jerry's,to be tan than to be fair white,and finally to walk down Ikea aisles with (one-day-it-might-be)' him in sneakers and a rock tshirt', its all okay.

Because everyday I have to be super grateful to God, for giving me this life, if I ever dare think this is bad, I must remember it could have been a lot more worse.


I am planning my engagement dress.

One problem I am dwelling inside...what color and design.. I have narrowed down to 2 designs.

But still flinchin over colors...Peach..Pink..Nude..

Well i really like the Pales to..Pale Pink and Pale Peach..almost like nude.. Reason being these are the colors that best bring out my complexion..But again..I think Peach is best for all ladies...needless color of complexion..its just soft and bright..

So here are some pics i have of colors..

Which do you ladies or peach?
I find it so hard to decide..
I liked the dress Fifi wore for her engagement..nice details..and also this Indonesian Model..

Now for the detailings.. I am sore between Gold and pearl beadings... or to buy White lace and have Peach or Pink Lining... I fell in love with this dress worn by Rose Byrne..

Isnt this lovely?

Alright... help me with color choosing here.. and well my plans are either a Modern Kurung or this jubah like kebaya..

Help me...please.

a) Pale pink or pale peach
b) Gold and pearl beadings or White lace patchlike on to dress
c) Modern Kurung or Jubah-ish Kebaya

Please answer.

Loves xx

Dina's Collection> Anyone ever hired her services????

I was in IOI Puchong..the mall..and whilst heading to crocs, realised there was a butik..called Dina Collections. I walked in...the place sold some collections of clothes and at the window were a collection of pretty bridal wear...her designs were more into Indonesian Kebayas...I was given a brochure...they did pelamins.. make up..a lot of the works.. hence I wanted to know more..

The SA said prices start at 1k for made to measure orders with shoes and a veil.. But Dina was not in to go into deeper details hence the SA asked me to come visit again or give Dina a call to arrange a meeting..

Was wondering if anyone else has ever used her services??

try check out her web..


Friday, October 30, 2009

Craving Cake

I know I keep mentioning cakes...but I am such a sucker for cakes...I cant help it.. are some more designs i fell in love...

that one is pretty...

here is more toned down on colors..

Umm...would love buttercup and chocolate am a sore loser...I want cake now!

Which do u ladies preger?? pink roses or white nude color roses??


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dress Distress

I have  been so busy with work..which I hate...coz it makes me sooo tired.. anyways.. I just came back early today and had high hopes...of blogging before I have to do work again..some stuff just never go away..

Refering to the title...I sort of am in a dilemma.

Well I really sholdnt be as I am not engaged yet. But  my parents are off to Mekah soon.. and due to some other complicated circumstances, we think best to get engaged early nex year... InsyAllah by end of year, we shall tie the knot. InsyAllah, enough time to prepare everything.. We don't want to be engaged too long..lets keep it short and sweet.

I remember the day, I told mum that Qaem and I plan to marry, she was excited.. and the weekend next, while we were at Jakel to get materials for jubah and other stuff, mama went ahead and bought off white beaded chiffon, the whole package..planned for a nikah outfit..

You see...i had it planned out... since I saw my good friend nikah in a white baju kurung moden...I thought it looked just simple but perfect.. so it was set...kurung moden for nikah, white with some silverish details on a floor grazing kebaya and finally off-white near cream lace mermaid cut modest dress... Qaem preferred these colors too..

However Qaem's mum secretly had her plans too... she wanted us in light purple near ( a lil heartbroken if not a!) I cant make the mermaid dress...coz it has to be lace and white...warna lain..tak sesuai...for me..whats important is the design of the dress...this is the only time I will be able to try pull off something not my norm..

I started thinking maybe I could do the mermaid dress for akad mum already bought this chiffon...and well when we tried to mannequin it..and then I realised...the beading was to heavy for a baju kurung moden...

ok here are pics...check it out...

Or do u think with this fabric I can still pull off the mermaid dress or the floor grazing kebaya?? Like the one Erra Fazira and Zara Salim wore for their akad nikahs?

*note mermaid dress will be more muslimah

Please share with me what you all think.. I know its just easy to go see a designer and leave it up to them to design.. but I still want to plan first..coz still savin up $$ for design fees..hehe more thing...for my engagement, I thought I wana go it on my it all, go buy the fabric, and send it to my personal tailor...and need be add beads or so with another lady I know.. will share you the designs once I can start drawing better..
Owh here is another shot of the beaded chiffon mum bought..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Theme & Colors

Weddings are synonym to WHITE... white dress..settled.

but then I remembered when a friend of mine asked.. so whats your theme wedding....I was like..there has to be a theme? bukan Malay Muslim wedding tu dah kire theme? have the color of flowers...chair covers,.. canopy.. pelamin..  the wedding invites... and the favors..

so i have 3 vice colors.. white black pink... my whole wardrobe exists of these colors..

so I would think pink for the flowers...but for chairs too..mcm pink sgt. i always wanted a mix of a few colors..

so i thought engagement nanti i want to wear peach pink kurung or kebaya labuh... and perhaps with white flowers of lace around the hem and cuff.. I know I suck at detailed explainations.. but when it gets more real I will share all bout it.

so the plan... nikah...sanding & tandang.. can I be allowed to wear just white, off white or a creamish color..please?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well I really enjoy keeping up with SabSabby's blog, WLT, Ms X and others..its coz of you darlings that made me even want to brideblog..I always thought magazines would teach me a lot...but you guys are Wiki-wicked!

So lastnite I commented on Ms X blog bout harga designers and as such.. I mentioned bout a designer, Jeffriey Ibrahim.. Heard he has an impressive cv learning the ropes of the designing world..

First heard of him coz a friend in Brunei had a friend who actually had Jeffriey do her nikah dress.. I liked the oldschool kinda feel of it so from then on continued to search more bout him.

For Ms X here are a pic or 2 of his work. I hope its ok that I put this..( Jeff & Iman > hope u dont mind )

Love the simple lace yet its so breathtakingly put together..all the way to the cuffs..

These 2 pics sorta got me hooked.. Or am I just to into simplicity...?

Check out his blog...there are pics of previous weddings he did.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bride Side Dress

Off all things... Brides will always fret over the dress.. you wanna wear the dress.. the perfect dress to exuberate the big day. logic calls, at every wedding, guests all want to just stare at the bride..and gasp. You know you want that effect..

There are just soooo many designs.. from traditional to contemporary to sexy to conservative..and then you have some brides who do those multiple changes..

Myself.... ooh..tough call too I must say.. but from a lot of dresses I have seen, there was one in particular that got me hooked for almost 5 years now..

Yes...remember this Wedding of the Year, Datin Norjuma? Well I just loved this dress worn during her Berinai Ceremony.. designed none other by Radzuan Razwill.. Kudos to you RR, this was perfect.

So from all those years ago, I decided, when I get married, I want to wear this dress design. obviously not the exact, this is couture! lol.. but InshaAllah, my doa will makbul, and I get to wear somethings similar and just as sweet.

So from this dress, which i call the Kebaya Grace, actually coz its like a Kebaya Floor grazing dress...a new evolution started..

Now I personally love Erra & Royal  Zara's Nikah a lil less heavier looking then Datin Norjuma's but its the shimmery glow flowiness of it all that just makes it exquisite. Radzuan Razwill.. you rock with bridal dresses! What do I have to do now??  Firstly, save money. Secondly, lose weight.

Legal Me Yours: The Cake

Legal Me Yours: The Cake

The Cake


Chocolate Cake is my vice.. I have always preferred cakes over ice creams for a sweet tooth..

In America, the Cake is a big thing...its like pretty important..they have super cake tasting fests...but in Malaysia...they use dummies to make all those tiers... American Wedding cakes are meant to be eaten by all the guests..hence the taste and quality is essential.. in Malaysia its about cutting it and pics and pretty much it.

So I pray I will have money to have a nice cute cake, to indulge with the loved ones on the big day.

Attached some that I like design wise... Flavors...not yet so.

And I haven't a lot of blog through, but I found one baker thats nice

Well do share if you have suggestions..


Zain Anna

The Essentials

Weddings...the essentials

1. The Dress
2. The Dais
3. The Cake
4. The Make Up
5. The Food
6. The Flowers
7. The Venue
8. The Veil
9. The Stuff ( misc....)
10. The Groom

well..I gotta start somewhere.

The Start

Assalamualaikum & Good Day..

Where do I start...and what do i say?

Well... I loved to write..but never seemed to have much time to blog.. and it wasnt until a few weeks ago that I came to know, there were and still are so many brides to be that blog all about wedding preps.. It wasn't until now that I came to understand, all the Pengantin, Bridal magazines I bought could not beat the amount of info I get from the darling blogs I read.. It was the real deal.. not just some marketing show.

I also understood how much money it takes to have a wedding, be it small or big, it needs a lotta dough.. $$$$ dough.. and all this time I thought the money I saved monthly was okay...I was wrong.. I know we should not bazir and Allah wants us to wasatiah at all times...but its my wedding day.. and like any bride, you just wana be a princess for a day and be the queen of his heart.. you want to wear that nice lovely chiffon off-white kurung with beads and pearls around the cuff, hem and neckline.. topping it off with a chiffon veil... you want to hold that perfect bouquet of red roses in your hands to stop the shivering of waiting to hear him say the vows of akad...

Okay..okay..I dont wana sound so much like a bimbo in my first entry but hey.. I think you know what I mean.. you wana be a bride..just for that one day.

So this to share of my road to legal me yours-him.


I hope you darlings will comment once in awhile...and keep me grounded and on track..

Thank you for your kind time. Will blog more soon.

Take care.