Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pasar Tebet & Jati Negara Jakarta

Another 2 places I wanted to go so much but did not have the time, were Pasar Tebet and Jati Negara.


This is the place where all the nice invitation cards are made. You know those cards that are hardcover and kinda like a book, well they can go as cheap as equivalent to rm1.80 here. But note, you will need to go again to  pick em up or have them delivered with a hefty price but still cheaper then having them done home.
The Malaysians living in Jakarta said, its only cheap if you do the hardcover ones, if for the normal slim cards, you could have them done here for a fair price. Tapi Pasar Tebet is the king of places to have done. I think puas hati for you to go if you really want to do that type of invitation cards.

Try limit time here, coz you will want to spend time at other places too!


Alright, again the Malaysians living in Jakarta said, Jati Negara is where they go to buy doorgifts/ favors. Because this is where they sell more artsy crafty tradiotional Indonesian stuff. A friend of ours bought 300 of those kipas embroidary at Jati Negara, in two colors, pink and white. If tak silap its around RM2 each.
They say its worth a look if you really want to get souvenirs or favors.

I am sorry I cant share too much, I really wanted to go, tapi tak ada kesempatan.

Mangga Dua Jakarta

They say, you haven't been to Jakarta if you don't go to Mangga Dua.

So due to so many stuff and places my parents needed to go, on our way to the airport, we had to decide, either Pasar Tebet or Mangga Dua. Dad and I wanted to go to Pasar Tebet, coz we knew time was too short to pusing2 in Mangga Dua, so whats the whole point buat sakit hati je. We voted Pasar Tebet.

In the end we went to Mangga Dua. Why? Coz mama said so.hahaha

So I took out my Diah Manual of wedding shopping in Jakarta, and said I wanted to go to Kikie's shop.

One prob, we didn't know which mangga dua it was in. There is at least 3 huge mangga dua malls...they have names like Mangga Dua ITC...Mangga Dua ATM..something of that sort...So we were in the older mangga dua.. MashAllah...ramai sgt orang..really ramai..

So stuff brides can buy here

  • accessories like for your hair, and tiaras and for your flower girls..cantik2 and murah lah... i saw this really nice big brooch that you can pin to your tudung, like most brides have done, around 95k rupiah..
  • really nice big colorful brooches
  • flower girl dresses
  • ribbons
  • manik and all those stuff for beadings

Sadly enough we only stayed here for 20mins...Dad got dizzy coz people were like squished against each other, we could barely look at stuff.

Nanti I ask Diah the exact mall Kiki is in...Coz I really wanted to go to this shop! 

InsyAllah lain kali, I get to go.

Unless you have the whole day to spend and roam mangga dua, yes its a safe bet, but if you are strict with time, head to MD, be assertive and be sure of what you want to buy. Then you can save time.

My two cents of advice, nak kasi dua ringgit nye, was not there long enough. Btw, sini kawasan jam teruk sbb everyone is here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tanah Abang & Mayestik Jakarta


A lil more of Jakarta.

Before I say more, I want to share that, if I were to do it all again, I would do it the same, go to Tanah Abang as early as 7.30 ( you cant imagine the traffic jam ), and stay there till noon-ish, then move on to Mayestik. Why?

Well mainly its because there is SO MANY people at Tanah Abang even though its 10 stories tall and super crazy big, its just too much, so start early when there arent a lotta people.

And my favorite reason is, coz I can jamak Zuhur and Asar at Mayestik, at Mumbay tekstil ( the one thats 3 stories high ) they have a small place to solat with tempat ambil wudhu and its clean enough for me, in those circumstances...rasa tenang, nak menghadap Allah SWT. Coz I did not feel the rush.

Ok now in terms of fabric.


  • Lace, my mum bought a lot at Mumbay Tekstil Besar ( 3 tingkat ) the more you buy the better discount.
  • All in all, the shantung at Mumbay Besar had the most range of colors and as cheap as 14,000 rupiah per meter and it has better quality. My dad commented this.
  • Ok now for polos the best for my mum and I was in Mumbay Tekstil Kecil ( this one was on the other side and its just 1 floor). as chiffon polos we could get for 9,000 rupiah...thats really really cheap..and tis good enough for mum is really fussy so this was good enough for her.Note : Polos is material for lining.
  • Silk Route (Diahs favorite) is closer to Tokyo Tekstil is situated to on the way for all cars exit gate. This store has a lot more fancier designs..But its limited in choices compared to Mumbay Besar. Cuma plus point this store has more fancier choices.
  • There is this store across Silk Route, that doesnt really have a name as much as I can recall. Well they sell a lot of loose pieces of french lace, so they say, its nice though..and had lovely designs... my mum bought normal lace ( dual colors ) that I chose at first but later she bought for her and my sis to wear during my nikah..free2 my nikah now has a baby blue and lilac theme! lol Best part was, the lace was only 150.000 per meter...It was nice needless of how crazy low the price was. So its a safe bet to try and go into those small little stores without names, coz they sell certain stuff cheaper.
  • Ok back to polos again if you want to buy good not so keras satin for lining, don't go to Mumbay Kecil, get it at Mumbay Besar or those small shops with no names. Coz they sell at 15,000 per meter where as at Mumbay Kecil and Silk Route sells same quality but at 20,000 per meter. I know its hard to buy lace at one place and lining at the other, but if you are gonna buy a lot, those 5k rupiah per meter makes a difference!
  • We bought lace for all my aunts at Mumbay Besar. Half of the satin lining we bought at here too, but there was not enough of the same pink peachy color, so my mum got the rest of the lining at Mumbay Kecil but its not satin its the chiffon time, coz she says the material is more cooling. ( cheaper too )
  • All the materials for all my uncles baju melayu was bought at Mumbay Kecil, but its not chiffon obviously, but due to the need of pink peach color, we bought them all here. Remember the width are mostly in 60" so its larger then the usual. 
  • My mum and sis lace and lining for my sanding were all bought at Silk Route.

  • Ok way before I left, the girls and I decided that we want to do it just like Niki did hers, chiffon top and songket for the sarung.We thought lace would be to glamorous to wear again on other occasions except dinner weddings.
  • But its not that easy to get the precise color. And I was frustrated coz I was hoping to get it in Mayestik. But all the indian lace were of garang color and they were 50k for a sarung and selendang. I only wanted the sarung.
  • But we went to Silk Route and they had some Indian Songket of a similar color. And were nice enough to want to sell it to me for 10,800 per meter. So we just took it...but only got 6 meters! But then dad's colleague said its ok, I think we could get some in Tanah Abang. So we just got the sarung not top yet. 
  • The 2nd day we went to Tanah Abang... after a lot of searching we found this store at the very end belakang2 most bottom floor in Tanah Abang, called RANI TEX, the aunty was Indian and her name is Anmol. They had all sorts of colors of songket...I fell in love. They had peach colored songket and when asked how much they could give me for a meter, she said 15k, and I was like...but I need 20 meters...and mum was pushy bunga2 too, wanting a fair discount, she said ok, 12k per meter...terus i said  bisa potong NOW! 
  • Next the top. I wanted a simple chiffon top, but mum said, it seems hard to get the exact color we want, could we just go for satin for last resort.. I was ok, I don't want to make it hard on my parents and all the other people with us. But at Rani Tex mum found this nice lace, with colorful small flowers around it and they had them in so many types of colors. But it was pricey...Mum pushed and beg and all that, and lastly Aunty Anmol cut of like 30k of the price since we were taking so much.  
  • Then we went to the Busana muslim floor 8, and got all those kain telekung or Mukana they call it and some other stuff as souveneirs. After Tanah Abang at 12.30 we went to eat Nasi Padang at Garuda then off to Pasar Ular, parents had some stuff to buy.
  • 4pm back at Mayestik for the 2nd time to finish off what we still did not buy. Mayestik closes at 6.30.
  • The next time I go, I will head to Rani Tex again and Mayestik of course.
note, its always a safe bet to try and hunt at tanah abang too...even though they say mayestik has the fanciest...Tanah abang sell some similar stuff, but at a cheaper price then mayestik.. but not all. hence always look around first....have a good feel of the choices and the range of prices..dont pull a "mum" and bought a lot at the first store she went too!

Rani Tex - Block A, Lantai basement 2, Los D, No. 5, No. 1 Pasar Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat. 
Aunty Anmol - 08161981767 
Rani Tex - (021) 23571978

Ada apa dengan Jakarta?


Oh my....i surely have not blogged in a long time.

Alhamdulillah, we made it safe back to Malaysia from Jakarta. And Mashallah, it was the best.

Firstly, I hope everyone is doing great.

Secondly, I want and need and must go back to Jakarta. It wasnt until I got back to the hotel that I started wishing I had bought more of this and that.

I would assume, you all thought I would have bought myself a lot of stuff..

Apparently, I did not.

What I managed to get were

  • Kain for the bridesmaids
  • Kain for all aunts
  • Kain for all uncles
  • Kain for curtains
  • Kain for the scallop for stairs or whatever you call it
  • Kain for mama to wear at my nikah and sanding
  • Kain for my sister to wear at my nikah and sanding

Well it wouldnt be complete with a spa treatment right?

Yes I tried it, again Mashallah, it was all so cheap.Imagine, mandi lulur, steambath, creambath, facial and hair treatment was all equivalent to RM65!

Food wise, it was good, I tried nasi Padang, nasi lauk Tebet, makanan Sunda and of course A Fung Baso!!

Oh, to top it off, Es Teler...its a hit with mum and I.

We stayed at Aston Rasuna. and I recommend it, because, we sort of are (Alhamdulillah), foreign enclave and their ( my parents ) colleagues at the Malaysian Embassy arranged for us to stay there, as its closest to the Malaysian Embassy in case of anything you can walk. Rates for a 2 room apartment is RM240. Very reasonable. It has a mini market and guardian downstairs, complimentary breakfast and tight security. Blue Bird taxis are always in line for guests.The good thing also is that the spa Swarga Spa, is in house and when we came back after 7ish, (thats when Tanah Abang and Mayestik and all the other pasars are closed), I straight booked a spa session, hence I did not have to schedule time during the day, as this spa closes at 10pm, meaning save day time for shopping.

will update this soon*

Friday, December 18, 2009

Awal Muharram, New Year, Starts with Happiness > ALHAMDULILLAH


I hope everyone has had a good start to this year.

I am so happy as mine did.

MashaAllah....I am so blessed by Allah SWT...

Midday today my parents and I went to the place for my wedding reception...Alhamdulillah, it was all good. Only now, Qaem's side is requesting for change of dates..earlier..and hence no more available parents and I are hoping for a silver lining.. Tetapi deep heart says its okay if we need to postpone it later just so we could have the reception there..coz I know my parents are so happy to have it there..any other place is not really an option.. I think I have grown more mature..I want to be a mature bride with the right thinking...not just forcing it all to have it my way.

and parents just need to give me the cherry on top of the cake..

later on we were at the jewelers to fixate Qaem's ring and butang baju melayu..

but then later we stopped by to go get dad's baju melayu..and best of all, we went on to my rated UpScale designer's boutique, and had some sketches done and we are set to get the fabrics and materials soon.

Ya Allah, thank you so much, I can never be grateful enough..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make Up by Tina Z

I just wanted to share about one Make Up artist that is quite popular among my working community. She is slowly building up her name.. and she is trained by none other then Saidatulnisa and Liza.... yeah the 2 famous make up artists now..

She just did a close friends make up for nikah and sanding..

Check out her work at Tina Z

Her prices are very reasonable, she starts from RM400 (Wedding) for hair and make up, but if you take her for like 2 sessions ( nikah + sanding ), then you could negotiate for a fair discount..Her prices are different according to the events..

She is extremely nice and beautiful too.

She is also very punctual. I remember last weekend she had a nikah session to do, the nikah was at 9am...But she was at the brides house way before 7. She has good work ethics. I am not just like promoting here..I just hear good reviews from around work. So perhaps any brides or if u just need some professional touch up for engagements/ dinner, could give this a try.

Tina uses a mixture of MAC, Kryolan and yes, Dermacos...that special foundation, that lasts like forever...really long lasting full coverage...just like Saidatulnisa uses... InsyaAllah one day, Tina will master the skill and be just as good as her gurus..

Contact Tina Z at 019-2202111

you could also just email me at and I will forward her your details..I see her a work.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dress Bertandang

I know I still need to finish up the post prior to this.. Will do so this weekend..hoping with all integrity that my boss wont make us go to work..cukuplah last weekend in both days.


I am off to Jakarta next week,InsyaAllah.

and I am still wondering of materials to buy for the tandang.. I know its Qaems side...but I am the one wearing I want to have a say in it.*tamakkah??


I want to share the design that I have been wanting for this dress..

well obviously I will need to make it a lil more Muslimah...but its the lace....and the mermaid cutting...i just love it so much...

But is appropriate? Does it go with a Malay wedding?

I plan to make it more towards a creamish color.. make it look really old school glam with pearls...

this kind of color and lace

mind you, its sexy! hehe its just the color i want to point out..

and then theres this dress too...another mermaid cut

yes, I admit I am a sore loser to white/creamish lace....and yes...if I wore something like this...I would feel like a princess..

so go on now...tell me....what you think?

Coz I want to make sure I get the proper materials when in Jakarta.

ps, sorry, sorry that I always talk about dresses!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Dress Designers


I am so sorry that I delayed this post. Zain hutang this post to some bloggers and readers.

Believe me, its only because I have worked 7 days straight this week. I miss sharing my thoughts on this.




  • Radzuan Radziwill 
  • Rizalman
  • Jovian Mandagie
  • Syaiful Baharim 
  • Bernard Chandran
  • Butik Citra
Ok this is just to name a few. But to cut it short.They are all awesome and will make you feel like ur a million dollars. Hence, rm5k is cheap to them. Thats the budget. the very least.

The Upscale Designers

  • Putra Cosry
  • Amin Jauhary
  • Sharifah Kirana
  • Salikhin Sidek
  • Gezal Mihat
  • Calvin Thoo
  • Bill Keith
  • Jedan
  • Man Kajang
  • Ismail Hassan
  • Kapas Couture
The Upscalers, to me are people who have been in the industry for a fair amount of years, that they are good, deliver professionally, have their own boutiques and are priced not over the top like the Vera Wangs, but give allocation for the normal bride who do not really want an off the rack dress yet do not want to bazir. I am thankful that these group of designers can reason price.

The Contemporaries
  • Jeffriey Ibrahim
  • Syomir Izwa
  • Rizman Ruzaini
  • Hatta Dolmat
  • Zery Zamry
  • Arma (Wedding Couture)
  • Lynda Rahim
  • Nik Irwan Rosli
  • Albert Yap
Basically, their prices range from RM800 and grows from there.. I mean for more established designers they would be RM2k. But for our newer contemporary designers, their prices are slightly less. Remember some of these prices are inlcusive of tudung, veil and shoes..Apart  from Albert Yap and Lynda Rahim, the rest of the designers prefer house calls, as they work from their studios/homes.

The Highstreet Designers

  • Dzull Classique ( Full chiffon, starts from RM150 onwards )
  • Kimie Kajang   ( Full chiffon starts at RM200 onwards )
  • Unaisah Azlan   ( Full chiffon starts at RM 270 onwards )
  • Fidz Collection ( Shah Alam, starts at RM300 ++)
  • Puteris in-house designer ( Starts at RM600 but well experienced )
  • Dina's Collection ( Starts from RM700)
  • Stitch ( Taman Melawati, strarts at RM120 for plain chiffon, has in house beautiful beads stitcher, however due to the price, a lot of demand, so kindly go 5 months prior your event, good fitting )
  • Eila Busana Cinta ( Pertama Complex, price described as affordable with good workmanship )

Well the reason I call them high-street is because, they have high quality, but everyone can afford them, as in, the budget is far very affordable and you get back every single cent you pay. Hence why my engagement dress is gonna be by UNAISAH AZLAN! 

Ok...This entry will be continued soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

To Love, Honor and Annoy

I couldnt help it ..

This was so cute..

And you have to admit..

Pretty much true!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dress 1

Yes...I am sorry.. My dressobsessed phase continues..

If you refer to my post titled The Deal, you will catch a snippet of my engagement dress materials. I will now call this dress, Dress 1, as its the first dress of the series of dress I am fantasizing about.

Today I was lucky to be in contact with the dressmaker designer that will do my Dress 1. Told her all I heigh, my weight, my bustline and my flat behind too! She will sketch and InsyAllah before Xmas I will meet up with her to go into details. Super excited! Alhamdulillah, this much is true and well.

Well I finally just had the guts to share to her about Dress 2. Dress 2 is a surprise, as I sort of designed it myself, muse me of the runway!

I shared with her the sketch...and was so worried it might be to weird for her considering she is a certified designer.. But she was excited and still figuring out certain part of the dress at the same time. I told her I had no clue the exact materials to buy and need her consultation on that for me to get the materials in jakarta..

I think she is as excited as I am now.Alhamdulillah...

Can't wait to coffee coffee with her.

I am so tired of work..and sleepy..but honestly..blogging here makes me somewhat overjoyed...and I am over the moon when people drop comments too. Thank you so much.Syukran.

I am also pleased with those that have shared with me their perceptions towards AlQuran as hantaran. I thank you again.

Nanti Zain akan email, a more comprehensive post on the designers and dressmakers in Kuala Lumpur and with close proximity.


minus the feathers this would be hot

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Al-Quran As Hantaran

Dearest Readers,

I really need you to share your info.

I always heard 50% of people say its not advisable to give Al-Quran as a hantaran. And the other 50% say its a good thing to give as hantaran...

I specifically asked Qaem to give me a beautiful kain sembahyang/telekung as my nikah hantaran. I want to keep it forever and insyAllah, solat diterima and Qaem pun dpt pahala sikit2.. I sort of wish I could get an Al-Quran too. Its not nice to have all hantarans to be mainly bout duniawi...We have to show respect for the afterlife..Need to balance everything...Most of all start my new life with Qaem with the right steps...

I remember one of my aunty being so persistent not letting our family members exchange Quran as hantaran..but I never really heard her reasons out..

Share with me please..what you...

As for now my planned engagement hantaran will be

  1. Sireh Junjung
  2. Cincin
  3. Kain Baju Melayu for nikah with butang Baju Melayu
  4. Kain sampin for nikah
  5. Manisan ( Cake/ Chocs )
  6. Grooming Products ( tentative )
  7. Fruits ( tentative )

My Planned Nikah Hantaran *note its a working progress
  1. Sireh Junjung
  2. Manisan
  3. Wallet & Belt
  4. Kemeja & Cuff Links
  5. Sejadah
  6. Watch
  7. Shoes
  8. Baju Melayu & Butang Baju Melayu (Qaem's wishes)
  9. Perfume & Bodycare

So thats all a plan...Mum said last night...You better by one item at least each month...So that tak terasa sgt rather then buying em all together nearing the occasion.

Hope you guys share what you know k?

Love Z

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The deal

I have  had a pretty rough week..its been tough....when you are tested with so many matters at one time..and your heart breaks a little.

All in all... I suddenly feel like it doesnt matter anymore....what type of wedding I long as I get to be with Qaem...the way Allah wants...the way Rasulullah would be proud of...

its just that.. I keep thinking of the days to come after the wedding...its life together...

so I will leave it to mum and dad to decide..them giving me a wedding is more then enough to ask for... I have to remember the orphans out there...who don't have parents to provide the way anyone would want..

we must does not take millions to make people smile at your just needs your smile, and they shall do so in return..

but i still have one bad habit...I STILL WANT THE PERFECT DRESS....ish....why can't i wasatiah on this...shame on me...

but...I too have been in contact with Unaisah Azlan....hoping to get my engagement dress done with her..

My engagement won't be'll be as simple as simple could be..

no pelamin...just a bed spread on the bed...and hopefully Qaem's mum will come in sarung cincin..and then we eat..InsyaAllah..and it will be closest family members only.... very small...its just to tanda...

we still don't have a date on the engagement...but hopefully ample enough time for me to lose em weight!!

Their family will be coming over soon to discuss basically the engagement next year is merely a mean to fulfill adat. But still I dont want to runaway from a day where i have every right reason to dress up kan??

on yesterday....on Qaem's mum's request...he brought me over to one of the nice jewelry stores ( apparently both out mums go to the same place for special occasions) and he asked me to show a couple of rings that I liked...I like one in particular...but it will be up to him and his mum...They went today to decide..

In normal circumstances...I would keep reminding him that I really like one in particular...but lately..Allah has taught me to be more appreciative of doesn't really matter anymore.. as long as Qaem is happy..and its very ikhlas...anything he choses will be more then I could hope for.

We also popped into Pavi...just to check out the sale...saw some items...hantaran worthy.. and affordable. Will wait a lil buy...dengan izin Allah..

But what I do know..I want to copy Sab.. I want to give out chocolate dates during my nikah....( i hope you dont mind!!)

umm...I think all the mixed feelings inside of me has made me at lost of words..even on my unusual..

but don't worry...


Love Z


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shoes for Sab

Another Entry FOR SAB!!

Sweetie... I was in Pavillion today...checking out some stuff...and I saw these shoes......

They look a lot like what you're planning for your wedding...

And for my love for you....and my condition...I took pics and.....

and here is one....where...I wear them....yes...I wore them for you Sab...crutches first attempt on heels since 3 months..

(note>> plz dont kutuk my bad looking feet right now)

They are at Tangs...on sale with 20% off for Card members..

love Z

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sad Day

Its the 1st of Dec.

I had a really bad day. That I cried 3 times. I am upset beyond words.

But now I am home. Trying to not think..

And here it is on E!, the wedding of Bill Rancic and Giuliana DePandi. I am such a fan of them both..

Bill gave her a beach rehearsal dinner..and they all watched the sunset..

and then when saying vows....she cried..

it was a beautiful wedding..they all walked down the piazza...

I am still trying to cheer myself up.

Still not working.