Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Up by Tina Zainuddin


Remember a while ago, a long while ago, I blogged about Tina Z? Well she is now quite a big name.

Some of her recent works.

Her work has gone from good to gorgeous. When I first started blogging bout her, well she was still paving her way.. She's trained by Kak Saidatulnisa and Kak Liza, both prominent names.. But now, I can tell she has captured her own touch to her work. More bold, yet so sweet and natural like. I think she has mastered the art of creating what a bride wants to look and feel, and at the same time, just enchant guests.

I will try get some more pics.

Do try contacting her. She;s lovely.

love zain

Contact Tina Z at 019-2202111


  1. cantik sangat!!! thanks sis share info ni.

  2. Salam. Back in 2010 when I was looking for MUA for my engagement, Zain antara orang yang recommend uyaa to engage Kak Tina as MUA. Hasil kerja dia mmg sangat2 memuaskan. After engagement, uyaa book dia terus for my nikah & groom's reception. Her price sgt reasonable & kak Tina sgt helpful if you guys nak tanya anything bout make up product :) to add, Kak Tina's husband also buat make up utk groom & siapkan groom dgn harga yang sangat2 berbaloi :)