Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rings for Men - Which stores to checkout?


Ï realy need some help on this...we have all been made known that suasa has a small percentage of gold mixture in the metal...and its been said,if you feel "was was", therefore opt for a different type of metal.

In recent years we have come to hear of platinum,paladium,rodium to be of choice as muslim men are not permitted to wear gold.. Somehow there some school of thoughts white gold is okay as the color is not yellow thats of most solid gold would be yellow, hence why white is a mixture of a few components.

So I do not want to get him a silver ring, as he deserves a good proper ring as I know he saved a lot just toget me the perfect ring and in his words "no offense dear,but it has to match your fingers". Yes you bet correct, zain has chubby fingers!!

So please...really hope you guys can share where I shouls check out men rings...what stores...

Hope to hear from you soon.

Salam xx


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  1. Salam sis,

    Silver rings aren't that bad. Afterall wearing them is sunnah :) Pahala free for your husband everyday. That's even better than platinum or even titanium, isn't it?

    Just my two cents. Wishing you the best for your wedding preps! xoxo

  2. go n check out emas sri pinang at semua hse. i got a nice palladium ring for my fiance. price less than 1k. =)

  3. poh kong has silver ring for men, plus free engraving

    http://materialisecreativity.blogspot.com/ and http://www.bespoke-rings.com/ can custom-make ring for you

  4. as for my hubs ring, i bought him ring from goldheart. material is from platim,a bit cheaper from platinum but also witout gold substance.. u can try n check em out! :) goodluck with ring hunting :)

  5. salam, i've been a silent reader from singapore for a very long time. if you don't mind travelling here, there's this jeweller, meyson, that can do platinum ring for a decent price. we can choose a white gold design and get them to design it in platinum. i paid less than 1k for a platinum ring :)


  6. Salam, dear..

    Actually, i agree with Rubina Yunal in giving our hubby silver ring. It's sunnah nabi muhammad, so the price is priceless.. since the family we want to build start from marriage, all we done at the starting point will determine the end of it..
    I'll suggest poh kong, similar with Glory Jane.. They have lot's of choices to choose..

    Anyway, I wish u lots of luck ya..

  7. I got my husbands engagement ring custom made from degem. You can get them to do any design and any material. I think for wedding ring, although it is not wajib..as a token, it should be something special kan? wedding ring we got from Tiffany..cuz he wanted that for his. But so far, we are quite happy going to degem. Can try and compare.

  8. Men wear simple and sober rings as they are tough in nature and gold rings are more suitable rings for men.