Saturday, July 21, 2012

Irma's beautiful Nikah Look

Salam Ramadhan to all out there..

Its been a nice quiet Ramadhan. But its sad to hear the Aurora shootings...who would ever imagine going to catch a movie...and suddenly a man comes in and starts shooting civilians. Please let us get though ramadhan with peace.amin

Alright i have been wanting to hlog about Irma's wedding..never got the time to do so.

Firstly...i think her hijrah to this new muslimah style and her righteousness is very honest. You can tell from the glow on her...she is much happy with her new way of life. Salute you for that.

Now I am not a great fan of the over flow skirt..of a lot of maxi skirts find this cut to be most difficult to pull of if you wear tudung..

Hut the gorgeousness of this dress lies in her chiffob veil. Mashallah the beadings were magnificent.

Hatta got it right..her  scarf was pulled in front to cover her neck n chest...again down right perfect.

One more thing...her husband is very good looking. Go Irma..may you always be blessed.

Pic r shots from rotikaya and beautifulnara.thanks.

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