Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

§alam semua....

Happy ñew year..may this year be full of joy and warmth of happiness.

Guess what.....Its 30 days away till my wedding...(sorry for barely blogging)

Please pray it all goes well for me...

Alright...just to update...( or maybe its me who is so over excited).

After so many years of reasearch and study...Alhamdulillah...I have 4 dresses safely in the making...I would say all my choices are a tad old school my sister is calling it the anna karenina wannabe.

First my Ijab Qabool dress is french lace with beads and itll fashioned into a mini kurung...yes..as if I couldnt try harder..however it will be shorter then my usual choice of baju kurung just to give justice to my border lace when i sit. Anyways...i think a kurung is always a classic choice..just a personal preference.

Second...right after maghrib we will have a backyard reception...free and easy and to mingle with my loved ones and also to enjoy my vanilla cupcakes! This is a simple chiffon dress...choice of color...blush...by none other than the awesome Unaisah Azlan...its a dress but its two piece.. Ì cant wait to see it!

3rd...another reception at a hall the following day...now this is a more contemporary dress with a modest muslimah twist... Its two shaded color...in my mom's fave color..peach...its Gwen Stefani's wedding dress inspired.. ( khayalllllllllllan) Ken Anwar doing the honors...and we had our first fitting last week..I was at lost of words when I saw it on me.. Çant wait for my 2nd fitting.

4th dress...my bertandang dress...my husband to be chose the color..mint greenish..design...he wanted me in a floor gracing Kebaya.... I hope he loves it...

Okay bosan dah dgr cerita baju zain kan...

Will write more soon.



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