Saturday, February 16, 2013

dress 3 by Ken Anwar

Salam everyone..
I hope Everyone is well.. Ì am down with a flu and really hope to get better soon.
I really wished I could write long proper entries as I should..however I am only using my samsung phone which sorta limits a lot.
Nonetheless I am so happy with this dress...the tones had a tiering affect that made me look taller..

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  1. Hi, just blog walking, looking for designers for my wedding and found your blog.
    Cantiknya dress ni!

  2. Thank u sweetie. Hope ur dress will be great

  3. Salam... Hi..
    Been looking for some fashionable desginers for my weedding dress.. And someones suggest to cuci mata on u heheee.. How can i cintact you for further inquries... Hope you can revert to me soonessttt thanks. :-)

  4. Salam..hi!!
    Istumbled upon this dress while browsing n i like it a lot!!! cantek...

    I know this is rather blunt - tapi.. berminat x nak rent out? ;)

    Do let me know if you are
    0192318446 (Naiem)

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