Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress by Ken Anwar


This is the dress by Ken Anwar.

It  was a perfect fit, had one alteration due to my weight gain lol! Talk about the bust area ladies.. haishh...

Other than that, we both agree next time when measuring we will measure with my heels on, as I wished the dress was a little bit more longer, due to my heels since we only estimated during measurement time.

Alls well though, I am a happy customer, and also glad he made a tudung that matched with to.

Hope to hear your thoughts.

PS --- To those who have emailed and I have yet to reply, will do so soon.



  1. hye zain.

    nice blog! and ur dress sgt sweet and simple. i suke. simple je. dh lame follow ur blog but tak terleave comment everytime i read urs. btw, do u mind to share with me ken's price range for bridesmaid dress? and where is ken's place anyway? :)

  2. what is the material for your dress? =D can i find this in mayestik as what u previously blogged? :) Tips please! XD

  3. thnks you so much zain......dh lame tk chat chat with u...i'm so so busy lately....keep in touch and thnks so much.....miss u lol..:)

  4. very simple n flowy... colour oso nice..!! wanna checkout Ken Anwar afta dis! ;)

  5. hi zain,
    can you share with me the price range for your bridesmaid dress? email me at TQ