Wednesday, July 13, 2011

KEN ANWAR - Dress No.2

Assalamualaikum Ladies....

Oh dear, a thousand apologies again for my being missing in action.

What  have I missed....

Well too much side drama in my life, however so, the world of bridal dresses have never came to a stop.

I haven't even blogged on Duchess Catherines dress yet!

Well, I just wanted to share some stuff. Remember I had such rave reviews about Ken Anwar?

Guess what, he is doing another dress for me. It should be ready in 2 weeks, have a fitting with him next week. The dress is very simple, he will just need to touche it up with some stones or what not. But his real challenge? Designing the hijab/tudung.

I cant wait to see how it will look like.

So consider the fact that this is my 2nd dress with him in such a short period of time, yes love, he is good and I actually afford this stylist+designer!

To any of you thats interested please call

KEN ANWAR at 0122441803

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