Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year


So it seems, it has been ages since I shared anything on my blog.

Firstly I had to move due to a project at work. So I am for the current time, not based in KL. Which is bonkers, because I miss my family a little too much.

Secondly, he got married over Christmas. Yes, some days I am still speechless.

Which comes to the point, that Allah charts are lives in ways we sometimes do not understand, but there will come a time when we do.

Over Christmas, my best friend and I went to Singapore...because I just couldn't be here. I dont really feel like I can even get on facebook.

Its not that I can't get over him, its just the fact that he moved on, or is trying to. We did speak before my big move. May only good things come to him.

Bless him Allah, he deserves happiness.

Happy New year everyone.



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