Sunday, January 15, 2012

Merisik Amy *ummi Anya

Dear Amy,

This is for you.

I remember meeting amy, months Sabs wedding. She was just newly married herself. Okay they both have healthy babies now, so it wasnt was more than a year ago!!

Anyways, amy being the ever so creative person she is and her dear husband, went on seriously with their business, Merisik Gallery.

I kept looking in to see their booming business. Hopefully, maybe just one day, I will get to hire her services.

Its that homey touch they have. That just makes it feel so at place.

Hopefully by the time I get to have my fairytale, MG will around and not too busy.

ohhhh Bless you Amy and family.

May all good things come your way.

Love zain.

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  1. Salam zain...

    Ohh tak sangka ada entry for me..tq very r u?and how bout your engagement preparation?