Wednesday, February 8, 2012

URGENT, Hall for 1000 pax


Dear All,

I need your help, as my darling friend is getting married and is the quest to find a hall for 1000 pax, as they want to hold a sit down dinner. They are not opting for a hotel, as they prefer to have control over the food choices plus it'll be more personal.

We have tried but they are either too small or fully booked till next year.

  • Dewan Sri Siantan Putrajaya,
  • Dewan Sri Endon
  • Dewan Sivik PJ
  • Dewan Level 10 Maju Junction (500 paxx) but pretty
  • Dewan Prima LJT (450paxx)
  • All the Feldas
  • A lot of community halls all over
  • MAEPs totally booked for all of 2012

So please share if you might know any place. It will be great help.




  1. Banquet UPM dah try? Maybe boleh try International Youth Center juga

  2. Yes...we thought of trying to call MAEPs...

    international youth centre is in? Cheras is it?

    thanks dear

  3. I have a place in dewan felda on the 11th of nov. Supposedly my sister nak kahwin in nov but suddenly die nak cpt kan to may. We already paid d deposit, therefore we are looking for ppl yg nak gantikan for d date. If ure interested do lemme know k. Thanks..

  4. this perdana or merak kayangan? how can we contact you?

  5. oh u can drop me an email at My friend is quite interested.

    thanks love.

  6. It's dewan perdana. I already forward your mail to my sister.. She'll mail you soon k. Thanks!

  7. hye.. blogwalking kat bllog you.. tp entry ni lama.. tapi kalau berminatnnt bgtahu dgn kawan u I ada list dewan sekita KL/selangor sbb I buat wedding planner so I ada list2 nnt suruh dia emel ke ... kalau dia masih belum jumpa dewan lah ok :P