Monday, February 6, 2012

Unaisah Azlan Feb 2012 Update

Dear All,

I get a lot of emails with regards to Unaisah.. I sure have good news for you, as Unaisah will be able to take orders for June 2012 on-wards. She will be out of the country this month, hence it will be difficult to get a hold of her, but due try catching her mid March, am sure she will try to cater your appointments InsyaAllah.

I am hoping to get a booking to, hopeful that my times is here too.

Will blog a bit more soon.

Best wishes



email Unaisah :


  1. thanks for info... my wedding will be on 10 NOV 2012, to UNAISAH AZLAN, how can i meet u?, pls email saya di

  2. dear plz email Unaisah at

  3. do u have any no. of Unaisah. Every week i'm emailing her. still masih tiada khabar

  4. thanks to you i'll be having my wedding dresses made by her for this september's wedding :) n i was lucky too since i sms/emailed her about few months ago after browsing through your blog...but somehow she remembered my name and replied my sms and email...n she's super nice!!! i adore her the moment she said "hello" :)

  5. Kedai die kat mne ye?
    - liana