Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buah Hati



I haven't really shared on how I met him.... It just all happened to fast.

But we are both working on either ends of Malaysia. So lets say we have only met in person 7 times.

He met my parents on the third. I never knew something like this could happen. I thought it only happened in movies and sort.

We just attended our marriage course.

And this week, he is out stationed abroad.

We have never been this far apart, not that we actually see each other much.

But for once.... I miss someone's presence a lot.

Just not being able to drop short phone calls...

Well, maybe this time around, I am showered with what Allah deems I need best.


  1. hi zain :). glad you're back on the love boat :)

  2. hei...thanks...24 hours later I feel so embarassed I had the guts to write what I did...

    teenage starstruck I believe.

    May this be splendid always.