Thursday, June 7, 2012

Make Up by Keira

Dear Àll..

Salam Jumaat...we have all been waiting for this...all week..

Anyways...its been a busy wedding season...

Now I just want to share a bit on another

Make up artist..

Keira...she is relatively new but building up her profile..

Best part she is super duper affordable..

She has a full time job in the city..hence make up is just a hobby of hers that turned she was very skillful at to begin with..

Zain will try post some more pics soon..

Love xx

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  1. Hi Zain,
    Have been following your blog :) may i knw wht is Keira's contact details? Finding a MUA fr sn engagement. Do u hv any other suggestions? ;)

  2. Fazrina i will publish her cnbtact details soon. Maaf late reply

  3. hye, i am interested to kow kiera's contact detail. can u please email it to me, have been trying to google but failed. my email, tq