Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dress Making of sort


I have received a ton of emails with regards to Unaisah.

Yes she is a hell of a good designer. Very sweet in persona and just so eclectic and precision in work.

I think the best part of it all is that she offers reasonable prices, and not at all over top as such couture others offers.

But sadly, I know that she has been declining some requests from those who approached her..due to the fact that she is super swamped with work. We must understand that she works alone and has not assistance. Hence its quality against quantity.

I still love her though for trying to accommodate brides out there. But I want to also share....

That I have met another new designer.. yes its a he... and no we are not dating ..LOL ( perasan new york ke apa zain?!)

ok.. he is relatively very new...he has been working at some design houses...but is slowly trying to work on his own.

I made a dress with i will be a maid of honor to my best friend soon. The dress is yet done, but as soon as it is, I will tell you all about it, and perhaps for those who can't make a dress with Unaisah, well we can try him instead?

I guess, to me, I  know how some girls out there have a tight lets work around those means.



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