Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pale Blush is the New White

I must really say.....I think Ayu Raudah's wedding was very nice.. The colors, the flowers, the dresses and everything were pretty. It had a certain touch of class but yet not over the top that made you want to say bad things.. 

I personally like the dress above...I always thought for my own wedding, apart from the MUST white dress for nikah..I wanted to have a reception dress in a nude almost white and blush color... very subtle.... sweet... yet astonishing in a princess-y way.

And then came Reese...

she too chose a blushing pink dress to her recent wedding to Jim Toth... Its such a sweet color. 

here are some other dresses that caught my eye...

  Anna Kendric at the Oscars..

  Emily Blunt at the Gloden Globes..

Ok...I think you know the color I mean...

isn't so lovely?    Tell me what you think...




  1. can we call that colour as pink champagne too?

  2. yes dear...thats a perfect way of saying it..

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  4. Raja Ellysya, thank you...I am hopelessly in love with that color!