Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello Ladies...

Ohh... sorry that the title is all n caps....But I am more than happy to share...that even though I love Unaisah to bits and she is sooo swamped with work until the end of the year, well we have a new designer on the block.

Yes.. I did blog about him a few days ago. Yesterday, I met him to discuss a bit more on my dress as maid of honor to my best friend. He chose a great color and matched it up with a different color lining..Cant wait to see how it turns out!

the best part is it quoted a very reasonable price.. I am so pleased..Alhamdulillah, Bless him.

He was detailed with a lot of stuff and was accommodating since I wear a tudung, he put emphasis on the cuffs and the collar.

My first fitting will be in a week's time, so will tell you all about it.

But to those who really want to do dress asap, please email me




  1. yeay.. tak sabar nak dengar ape komen sis. kalau okeh, i want to know about the price.

  2. hei...drop me an email and I will share you more..

  3. Slm, Sis..

    I'm lucky to be your slnt readr.. i'm searchg 4 smne to do my nkh outft.. hpe tht u cn shre any info.. hre's my email add.. tq, ss..