Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jakel Shah Alam

Good Morning Ladies

I suddenly have this cringe to share some information on my nice shopping experience with the ever famous Jakel.

To be honest, for wedding materials Jakel is like a one stop shop if u don't really feel like hopping into so many shops. Gulatis and Euro Moda have a wonderful collection, but once ur on TAR Road, you would want to roam all the shops there. I believe it is worth the energy, you are going to spend hundreds or thousands of ringgit, so walk.

A few weeks ago I was at Jakel, in search for some materials for a wedding I am to attend. I thought of treating myself to some nice materials, as it has been awhile since I updated my baju kurung collection.

So off I was at Jakel (tar) on the 3rd floor I think looking at beaded chiffons. After a lot of trying out, I ended up
with a lilac colored chiffon with some blue colored flowers.

But yesterday, my sister and our friends and I went to Jakel Shah Alam, and Mashallah the choices there are 3 times what Jakel (tar) offers.

We all comfortably sat down and let ourselves sink in all those beautiful fabric.

Ok I need to resume writing this later.

Loves xx

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