Saturday, July 23, 2011

Knowing He Was the One

I know some of you guys are wondering whats up with the title right?

Well suddenly, out of curiosity this got me thinking. A few weeks back, a close friend of mine, she got married but not to her fiance, but a guy she met 2 months prior to the wedding and only 3 times did they actually meet. After her wedding, I had dinner with her and obviously we were talking about the development of our relationship part of our lives. Apparently I am still playing the field. But I asked her, how did you know he was the one? You met him 3 times only before the day he lafaz akad. And she simply said "when you meet the one, your heart and head just knows". 

Mind you she was not the first one to say this.. Yes, when you, you know. 

But it hasn't come to me yet..

However I want you ladies to share with me, your part of the story. How did that "yakin" feeling come to you. Do share, Mashallah, how it would be a good way of sharing to others. Well yes, I am not at all ruling out to solat ishtikharah, however this is just a way to reflect moments that just come to you without you realizing it nor having any control what so ever.

Like they say, When you know, you know. 



  1. dear..
    Ptamakali i tgok my husben,i rs mcm dah pna knal kami x pna jumpa pn slama ni.n our frenship mula2 mmg mcm xbest.i xsuke die,kami mcm anjing n kucing.x serasi somehow,stil i dpt rs die mmg someone y Allah ciptakan utk i.mcm2 dugaan pn,kata ht i tu mmg xdpt i nafi.1st time dlm hdup,i btul2 confident ngn kata ht.n i buat istighkharah,and alhamdulilah...mmg die orgnya...n i pun pesan kt kwn i,bl kite jupe 'jodoh' kite,kite akan tahu die mmg jodoh xdpt nk explain smua tu... :)

  2. i never used the term "when u know, u know"....

    but i always, always, always said "when u fall, u juz fall"...yes..always said that even before i met my husband...

    hurmmm, benda ni mcm susah nak explain...kita jumpa, bkenalan dgn ramai org...mlh, mungkin jatuh cinta...but at some point,kita tersedar dia bukan milik kita atau kita tetiba rasa xnak hidup semati dgn dia...kita akan rasa "eh, we r not meant to be togenther"...juz like that...

    then, kita jumpa plak dgn org lain...dan perkara tu berulang2...sehinggalah satu masa, perasaan tu tiba2 dtg...ya, org putih ckp true love...but how do u define true love?..susah, apa yg u akan rasa is "keyakinan"..mcm mn lak nak rasa yakin tu?...for my opinion, keyakinan tu dtg bila kita bsedia tuk hidup semati dgn dia...mungkin kita tfikir, mampukah bahagia dgn dia..mampukah dia jd suami yg baik?? bila dah yakin, hati kita akan ckp,soal masa depan, urusan Allah...yg pasti, kita bahagia sekarang...jika masa dpn berubah, itu cara Allah mahu uji kita...Tugas kita, hanya berdoa...Senang ckp, bila kita mula bserah pd Allah tu , itulah keyakinan....tak perlu pendapat org, xperlu rujukan mana2...bila hati kita rasa berserah, rasa sanggup, rasa mahu melangkah ke depan, itulah keyakinan...

    hurmmm, panjang plak i explain...xtau u faham x...but, u'll feel it someday...juz go with the flow ya dear!

  3. oh you both are so sweet to have shared your experiences.

    I think you both are right, the saying is you never really choose who you love, you just do.

    Obviously my moment is yet to arrive.

    Everybody waits for "things fall into place", Let it be with grace. Amin.

  4. I agree completely! I have also posted something similar to the topic on my blog

    As for me, you know that he's the one when you cant imagine your life without him and when you miss his annoying habits ;)