Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Abaya Dress for Weddings


Hi Ladies,

I think its time I write something on dresses, my all time favorite topic to express.

Alright, back in I believe it was circa 2002 if not 2003 at my grandma's, I remember flipping through the May edition of Wanita Magazine, it was their annual wedding edition. At the time, Norjuma Habib Mohamed was just launched into the media industry and she was featured and modeled the latest collection from Munawarah Boutique. I remember her vividly in this gorgeous chiffon white in color, with a lot of sequins, jubah with a matching tudung. it was just something so fresh and not at all your normal wedding look. I fell in love with Munawarah instantly, but I also knew, it was Norjuma's very cute face that added to the pretty perfection that was glowing in that glossy magazine.

Soon after, I recall Wardina getting married, and she wore that same white jubah just in a different shade but still almost identical during her nikah ceremony. I remember looking at the picture, and she was as beautiful as always, and then I saw that twinkle in her husband's eyes, as if he had no words to express how just sitting next to her brought that much joy to that grooms face.

So fast forward a few years, and I am at that age where I am supposed to get married, just still waiting for that knight in all shiny gear to arrive I must admit. But still I have all the details of the dress I dream to wear lingering on and on and on.

But I knew somehow I still wanted to wear this jubah or better know classified as abaya during my wedding. I knew that I will wear a baju kurung for my nikah, so its up to my reception or his reception. ;)

Here is where I will explain to you why, because I know some of you might have your eyes rolling thinking what is up with Zain...??

 Above, the abaya Queen Rania wore in 1999 when King Abdullah was crowned King of Jordan,

Ten years later in 2009, Queen Rania wore the same dress again, only this time she styled it with a nice belt to complete this look. To be able to wear the same dress after one whole decade and look the epitome of queen perfection, that is what we call a classic.

Next up, Queen Salma of Morocco.

The Queen wore this to the Monaco Royal wedding of Prince Albert. I think its sweet, royal but without trying to hard.

Next Princess Lalla Meryam and her daughter at the same wedding.

This dress I loved the most, worn by Lalla Soukina. Why?  because it was in my favorite color of the moment blush pink, and it was not over the top. It was loose, but yet oozed of sexy appeal. Its like you don't have to try hard. Its still so very modest but in fashion with all the right reasons to go for.

Here is another dress worn by the princess. Its hot, to me at least.

So yeah, if the royals from the middle east all wear this with pride to European weddings, and still look so beautiful, I don't see why I cant pull it off. I just need to lose some more fat so I can create the illusion of myself drowning in this abaya, with a small waist.

One more thing, if I cant convince my mom or future mother in law to wear an abaya to any of the ceremonies hosted by them, then I will still have one made. What for? My wedding night, it is just as historical as any other ceremony during the wedding. Oops.             ;)


Zain Anna


  1. unique - my 2 cents..its like a combi of kimono, kaftan, and bath robe...yet..look so outstanding.. :)

  2. yes intan...I have a soft spot for this one. I feel like its so alluring yet still composed. And it makes you look so tall. it just needs to be a good fit, your perfect fit. :)

  3. Salam,
    if u dont mind can u give u Unaisah Azlan contact number.. i try byk kali email but response..
    and can u share the price range too..


  4. I think u SHOULD wear the abaya like the princess! It has that "royal" effect...i've always wanted to do this baju but i dunno what it's called haha.. I might do 1 for myself ; )