Friday, August 5, 2011

Why do people like to say bad things about others?


Salam Ramadhan, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the holy month. I know its cliche, but like others I try my best to be at my best behavior and also do good deeds and perform ibadah as much as possible. In reality I know I must do it all the time and not just Ramadhan, but at least I try.

Year in, year out, in Ramadhan I try my best to just do simple things that makes me feel better inside.

I would usually listen to all sorts of music in the car, at the office etc, but during Ramadhan, I play my Quran recital cd, n yes its recited by an Ustaz, Allah knows, I need loads more practice on my tajweed. We get pahala for just listening, what more if we read our Quranic verses. I know it sounds like I am trying to cheat, but at least people around me get to listen to it too.

Ok let's got back to my headline. thing there forever will be hard for a lot of people, is to stop saying bad things about others. I do complain about people too. So in this month, I try my best not too. Keep reminding myself, sabar sabar sabar.

But I am starting to wonder why, I feel like people around me just do not like it when other people achieve something more than them. Why?

I know, I would always be happy for someone else's happiness and rezeki, so why can't others be the same. Saying syukran has never hurt anyone, but why do the opposite and in return hurt those people?

Oh dear.



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