Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bride in White, Groom in Black

Dear Lovely Ladies...

Okay I have this insane idea of wanting to color coordinate contrast for my wedding...not nikah...but reception.

So instead of being "sedondon", I wana go night and day....

some brides who have done it ....

Okay I know...putting a pic of kate is lil not in my league...

But honestly....what do you  think? Would it be too weird to pull off?

I dream of him in a midnight blue baju melayu...myself in an off-white kurung...but with high heels of his blue color....midnight blue...

what do you think...honestly... and yes you may say its a bad idea...


  1. i am okay with it.. just do it sis!!

    1. Oshinz!! Thanks sweetie..ur comments always makes me smile...

  2. hye there..

    for me pulak, it's not wrong to not being sedondon, tp make sure the pengantin tak tenggelam dgn background colours. contoh mcm linda rafar tu, i somehow kurang berkenan dgn baju dia sbb warna putih sama dgn background. tp kain warna purple, so tetibe nampak kain tu stands out.

    mcm gambar last sekali pulak, yg pengantin lelaki pulak yg tenggelam. at least he should wear something yg nampak mcm dia tu pengantin, n lain dari pengiring2 dia tu.

    just my 2 cents. ;)

  3. for both my nikah and reception, both of us are not wearing the same coloured bajus. Ie nikah - he's wearing gray baju melayu with yellow samping, and I'll be wearing a cream colored kurung pahang with yellow/silver songket and a light yellow/cream hijab.

    reception - mine is fuchsia, him - gray.

    As long as he looks a bit celebrated and not just like another guest, I'd say it's a fine idea :) I mean, i'm doing it so you know it's a great one :D

    1. Just read a bit of your the stuff... Btw..i was born n raised stateside..felt close to home :)

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