Monday, April 16, 2012

Wedding Plandroid App

I am so very new in the world of apps...but I cant help loving this wedding plandroid app that is working wonders.

It has 4 main segments.

1. Tasks

     -you can easily update the things to do by    months at a time. Delete any unnecessary tasks (i deleted dancing lessons) and u can update it at any time. And there's also a reminder thingy. Just to keep u on track.

2. Guest List

     -my mom has been oushing me to get my guestlist done to see just how many guests we project to attend. At first I was ttying my best...until i discovered this and just added the names and the party. Basically fill in their email add or hp numbers and it can remind your guests to rsvp. It might seem leceh tp after a while seems like an a breeze. Great help.

  ps // ¤also calculates whom you invite to both nikah n reception or just the reception

3. Budget

  - very straight forward. You put in your budget..fill in the breakdown of costs.. N via each detailed coat you can update how much you have paid and what else that needs to be done.all items are editable.

4. Vendors

   -save all your vendors contacts and key in your currwnt status with them.

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  1. It's a nice segment to plan wedding planner android app. This app will helpful for your weddings when started the planning. Then, now android app is very famous and popular for using every one. so it's reached closed to all.

  2. This post is very nice one of the android wedding app and useful for the engaged people. Thanks for sharing it.

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