Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Unaisah Azlan April 2012


Àlhamdulillah in the recent years of my blogging the wedding industry even though a lot of it is on wedding dresses..

You all have come to know that I blog a lot on 2 dress designers...Ken Anwar and Unaisah Azlan...

Ï think they are great at what they do and also offering brides a wholesome pricing package..

Well a lot of my readers email asking bout Unaisah..and why UA has been quiet in the recent months..firstly she was away abroad...but know.she is back and full on to further create her magical touch..

So yes she is available for orders to use June 2012 and beyond...

Another sweet surprise..she has been away busy starting up her studio...now she has ample space to work...i've had time to drop...

All I can say...it shall be the house of coco chanel like in a few years..

Do contact her


Zain xx

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  1. i bwt dress dgn die for my reception! can't wait to see it! she's super nice! xx

  2. macamana nak contact die ek?

  3. You can email her at unaisah@gmail dot com.

    My wedding is in July. My reception dress is almost ready, went for the second fitting last Sunday. Was so so happy to see the end result is just like what I had imagined in my head. She's an amazing person, great PR skills and an awesome friend. I love her work!