Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shots>> not too miss


This is an idea I just made up.

You know how hard it is to choose which photog to use for your wedding, considering there are hundreds to choose from?

Well some choose the photogs through

  • their past work
  •  their establishment
  •  their ability to capture moments
  • their price
  • their workmanship in totality
  • their skills in editing

So my idea is, don;t laugh now, I am gathering random pics of love that I LOVE and ADORE, and will show it to the photog, that these are the moments, the shots I want him to capture.

let me share a few that I have in mind...

( yg ni cam kelakar jugaklah, to pull off..hehehe)

and my favorite

    ini gambar wajib
no one can change my mind  :)


  1. good good! dh plan .. nanti xmenggelabah ..

    p/s: zain, i dh ade belog (malu), nanti i post pasal jakarta n equatorial

  2. zain darl!!!~

    oh..i suka!! WOW! haruslah ada kan gambar wajib itu..saya sokong kamu!heee..

    i like pic to pull off..sumthin diff u know..u shud do that..hehe & tetiba i suka bride headpiece (2nd last pic) tu.. hehe

  3. yup...we need tu do some research bout foto...kene amik ms, duk bbincang dgn our OP nnti...kene tunjuk kat dia shoot yg mcm mn yg kita nak, n cadangan2 dia...

  4. thanks for the comments darl...

    kan...the wajib gambar is wajib...lets all do it..

    trademark bloggers??!!! hehe

  5. hahaha...oh i love all the posses..

    u know when i was loooking for a photographer, coz there are so many of them...somehow, there was that 1 website that i just couldnt get my mind off..and that was the guy i choose..

    u know what they say, you will know its the one, when the feeling comes from within and after a few weeks, i keep comparing the other photogrpahers with him..then i knew i made the right choice, inshaAllah..i make doa, that everything goes smoothly from now on.....just like the baju material...and everything else..you just know.hehe..

    I'm in..if i remember, i'm going to ask my photographer to take the gambar wajib...hehehe

  6. zain..dun forget to write a checklist even on the poses u'd like to capture tau..coz time wedding tu kite bz mesti terlupa..photographer lagila dh penat2 kan..huhuhuh

  7. alritey, nanti zain print pics ni sab, n go remind daniel on ur wedding day..hehehe

    diah...noted...will definitely print n give them to the photog b4hand..

    now i need to lose em weight

  8. cantik gamba black n white wedding dress tue...pnuh dgn romantis dan sentimental...