Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dress 1 by Unaisah Azlan


After all the mess I made having so many entries just about dresses...Well finally, I have one dress safely sent to my ooh la la dressmaker designer, Unaisah Azlan.

I met her last week, before my trip to Jakarta. As shared by Ms X, Unaisah greeted me with a smile from her owh syukur such a big bungalow in Shah Alam. She works from home. She has a cute studio as her working space in her house.

She is nice and was equipped with ideas, she took in account all the stuff I told her bout my body and what I prefer. We had to make some changes because I want to accommodate what my mum wants for the dress too! I went alone, coz they say, unless its off the rack, and you have your own ideas for your dress go alone, cause it'll be hard when you hear so many other voices talking!


So I want to share with you the final sketches that I took home to show to mum and for her endorsement obviously.. Well I have to keep her happy.

Here is a pic of it from my old not so canggih camfon

I cut it out and pasted it on my lil black wedding book..Owh..I love that she made the sketches on a full bodied woman...some do it so stick thin!

Well, to keep you guessing my dress is one of the above.

Its going to be made from peach pink satin and white french lace with pink beadings..

InsyAllah, Unaisah will make it great!

My first fitting is later in January..

I am so glad Miss X shared me bout Unaisah and Studio Twenty 6.

And the cutest bit was when she asked me, the quoted price, was that ok with my budget..owh ur such a darling.


  1. Hye Zain, so u dah jumpa UA? Great! I will meet her end of this month or in feb, she'll start making my dress some where around March nanti....hehe, cantiknyer dia sketch utk u.....

  2. hi abby...

    Yeah...I met UA already... i am so excited about the dress..I hope I am not scaring her..

    Owh...i am excited for you too. Do you have something in mind or are you letting her vent all her ideas first?

    hope its great

  3. Abby... I so want to comment on your post..but I cant.. anyhow thank you for quoting me and Ms X...we are delighted!

    Lets all pray all our dresses come out great by UA~

  4. Hmm y u tak dapat comment on my post ek?
    haha, yeah, i dah ada apa yang i nak utk my E-day dress, just nak discuss dgn UA nanti....happy happy, sebab before jumpa pon i dah lega dengar good review from u and MsX!insyaallah,, everything will turns out great for all of us.....

  5. korang.. thanks for quoting the unknown me.... tee hee.. update me more pasla UA k??? i'll be picking up my baju yang i cuba2 on january 15th! ;)

  6. hi.i'm ur silent i'm searching for designer to make my akad nikah outfit.tgk semua cakap unaisah cambest so i pon cam nk wat bj ngan die:)baru email die smlm n she seems much is her price for ur baju?(plz let me know).my kain is chiffon beaded

  7. make sure u guys post all the pics of the baju...not many female designers out there kan..hehehe..

  8. me at

    I will share you the cost details.. and thanks for checking out my blog....really appreciate it.

    sabby dear...will defo put more updates..itulah..its ruled by guys this industry!

  9. email me the details too dear!!!=)

  10. hai..

    nice outfit for ur dress...
    saya pun tgh cari designer for my nikah outfit..
    can emel me how much the price for ur dress...

    skang tgh blur lagi nk beli kain apa for my nikah dress.. huhuhu...

  11. hello..i'm ur new blog reader..gud info u have there =)

  12. hi hana...

    thank u for reading my blog...

    nanti share2 ur ideas too k?


  13. hye! love to read ur blogs....can u share with me too...i have email u...waiting for u to reply :) thnX

  14. hi there. i pun berminat nak tempah baju kt UA. can u plis email me the details too? thanx!

  15. if it's okay with u..can u pls share with me the price..too..hehehe :)


  16. oh, can u share with me the price range tooo! would love to know! gonna get married next year insyaAllah.

    XO, thanks!

  17. Salam,
    if u dont mind can u give u Unaisah Azlan contact number.. i try byk kali email but response..
    and can u share the price range too..


  18. SALAM..
    boleh share price range UA x?

  19. SALAM..pls share with me the price range UA cz she didnt reply my email. :(