Friday, January 15, 2010

sedih & tertekan sedikit

Tomorrow, InsyAllah for the first time our parents will meet.

But today I have to go to the office. Now.

A lot of major amendments to work out for a series of major presentations next week.

Mum is upset. Marah and suruh ambil MC coz she wants everything to be very put together for tomorrow.

However so I can't let the team at the office down just for my being selfish.

so the deal is...super short time today at the office no more then 4 hours.

Then head of to mum's tailor pick up the stuff ( i am not so sure what exactly ) and to Aunty's also pick up something. Then home.

Hope my lil bro comes back from uni. Need him to arrange some carpets and some other heavy lifting stuff.

I don't feel chirpy anymore.



  1. No need to be stress!heheh..
    its ok ..jgn fikir sgt masalah2 yang datang..hopefully semuanya berjalan lancar..ok?

  2. dont worry, everythg gonna be just fine.. kekdg plan sgt pun benda xjd seperti yg chill .. hope for the best..

  3. dear, don't worry much.... i bet eveything will be good... insyaallah~ i bet ur team will definitely understand if you tell them ade family matter~ everyone had or will go through the experience. sure they faham...

  4. hey dear, i hope everything goes worries preassure is always there for us bride to bs...hope everthing went well..looking foward for your e-mail dear..