Sunday, January 3, 2010


I was at the Gardens yesterday...and I saw these jeweled Robinsons... They are on sale currently for RM159.90.. Just in case there are any brides on the look out for shoes to glam up you W dress!

I know its pricey to have them custom made... Unless you try PKNS Shah Alam.

I had the pleasure of stopping by Great Eastern Life Mall on Ampang Street..

And I actually found out there is a Thomas Chan boutique there. Its really famous now, since they are super good at making really high heels thats still meant to be good for your foot, back and posture.

I asked in, you can make them in any color of leather or you can bring in you materials to match your dress.

However so, its a bit pricey, starting from RM300++..

I thought, if ada duit lebih saved up, I could do one pair for sanding where I have to stand up all through out.

Will need to get more info from sab about the PKNS shoemaker and also from my mum, since there is someone that makes shoes for her school stuff..

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  1. zain i decided to buy ready made shoes..i went to pkns hari tu..the highest heel she has is 3inch..and for someone my size, i want 4 they are a little "aunty" for my taste..but that was for me la...but if heel height is not an issue then it shoudldnt be a prob..