Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wedding I Wish

Ever since I was little , i knew and decided I always wanted a big MERIAH nikah ceremony.At nightfall, after maghrib...A girl can always dream right?  Coz its the wajib part. I want everyone to be there and hear the guy lafaz aqad that changes our lives forever.

And reading and imagining SabSabby's akad nikah, its a lot like how I want it to be. But due to a lot of reasons, byk kene improvise. My parents( aka my mum! hehehe) has her own vision of my wedding hence I need to give and take.right?

Well there was another wedding/akad nikah. The bride did exactly how I wish I could have mine. She called everyone for the wedding and she parted the hall into 2, one side for the bride's and the other for the grooms. Once everyone is settled down and sat on the carpets with both family's facing each other, the groom walks in and his groomsmen with the hantarans. Then the kadi walks in with the grooms father and saksi.

Finally the bride walks in with her parents and bridesmaids with the hantarans.

here are some pics

its intimate. Thats how I want it to be, intimate.

after the nikah was the proper sit down dinner. And everyone mingled around having a good time and taking pics. So it wasnt very formal. It was fun and together.

I on the other hand understood that we will need another kenduri to have the wedding done. So I wished for a garden wedding with chiavari chairs and fresh flowers and smiling faces.owh and an awesome dessert buffet!!

So again when cruisin Sab's blog I found pics I loved. I prefer long tables really compared to round tables coz    feels so clique-ish these round tables. Coz the high note is meant for everyone to mingle around.

I really hope that when my wedding comes, I get to spend time with the guests that have kindly spared their time to come and enjoy my big day.

As of this moment, we haven't yet finalized my wedding per se.

One moment its going to be a night nikah and the following day a dinner reception. Then its a morning nikah, tea party for my friends as the reception is very limited to parents friends and family.

But now, you know, knowing Zain, I always seem to brew up another fantasy lol!

I am sort of in the midst of trying to get a quote for another venue. Not really popular but I will sort of give me the starry eyed do I dream. Hopefully the prices they charge aren't too pricey.

I feel bad watching the ruins of Haiti on tv. :(


  1. zain, i'm like you too...i'm all for square tables...round tables seperates everyone, which annoys me because big family like mine selalu kena i'm doing long tables of 20s,..i hope so inshaAllah if all goes well..

    p/s: you've got mail....

  2. dear,the best in life is other girls do, i love dreaming...but something if we dream for the stars,we'll get upset if things go, im teaching myself to dream berpada2 sket...n the most important thing, try to make parents happy bcoz, they r the one who pray for our happiness....

  3. dear, i pun wish for an intimate and beautiful akad nikah ceremony,for family to get to know each other, mingle, talk and take lots of pictures.

    the pic is beautiful. whose akad nikah was it?


  4. Hello! Thought I might drop a few words here. I love square tables too! Do you know any vendor that can provide square tables with chiavari chairs? And yeah I totally agree that the solemnization should be as intimate as possible..I know I want mine to be as personal as it can be =)