Friday, January 29, 2010

Make Up

Yesterday, being that I had a day off, I started to make a lot of vendor calls.

I called a few make up artists, and Alhamdulillah the dates I aim for are still available.

There is one artist I really hope to work with. Its just that I haven't confirmed dates..just the month and the week.

oh dear...susah kan bab tetapkan tarikh ni..

Well anyways

I have a few looks I like. I have this thing with mag covers I guess.

tell me what you think

Ok obviously, Zain tak adalah features persis di atas..hehe tp insyaAllah, the artist will make me look adoringly pretty just the same.

* Zain tak pernah shape eyebrow, hence I am into the bushy Brooke Shields/Camilla Belle Brows...and Ugly Betty tooo...hehehe


  1. zainnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i love the second one please! simply gorgeous!

  2. ok..i have to say je pas tgk my fren pic kat fb...mlm td akad nikah, OP dia dah upload pic..owh God..horror la i think shape eyebrow dia!mcm mn la mak andam tu lukis..aiseh.....kesian my fren!!!!!...take note!!!!