Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pasar Tebet & Jati Negara Jakarta

Another 2 places I wanted to go so much but did not have the time, were Pasar Tebet and Jati Negara.


This is the place where all the nice invitation cards are made. You know those cards that are hardcover and kinda like a book, well they can go as cheap as equivalent to rm1.80 here. But note, you will need to go again to  pick em up or have them delivered with a hefty price but still cheaper then having them done home.
The Malaysians living in Jakarta said, its only cheap if you do the hardcover ones, if for the normal slim cards, you could have them done here for a fair price. Tapi Pasar Tebet is the king of places to have done. I think puas hati for you to go if you really want to do that type of invitation cards.

Try limit time here, coz you will want to spend time at other places too!


Alright, again the Malaysians living in Jakarta said, Jati Negara is where they go to buy doorgifts/ favors. Because this is where they sell more artsy crafty tradiotional Indonesian stuff. A friend of ours bought 300 of those kipas embroidary at Jati Negara, in two colors, pink and white. If tak silap its around RM2 each.
They say its worth a look if you really want to get souvenirs or favors.

I am sorry I cant share too much, I really wanted to go, tapi tak ada kesempatan.


  1. Oh my...Zain baru perasan some bad spelling in this entry...just tutup mata and try not to laugh k darlings??


  2. it worth the price tempah kad di indonesia? i was told the price got higher due to tax n nak jugak kad cover tebal n baldu