Saturday, October 31, 2009


I am planning my engagement dress.

One problem I am dwelling inside...what color and design.. I have narrowed down to 2 designs.

But still flinchin over colors...Peach..Pink..Nude..

Well i really like the Pales to..Pale Pink and Pale Peach..almost like nude.. Reason being these are the colors that best bring out my complexion..But again..I think Peach is best for all ladies...needless color of complexion..its just soft and bright..

So here are some pics i have of colors..

Which do you ladies or peach?
I find it so hard to decide..
I liked the dress Fifi wore for her engagement..nice details..and also this Indonesian Model..

Now for the detailings.. I am sore between Gold and pearl beadings... or to buy White lace and have Peach or Pink Lining... I fell in love with this dress worn by Rose Byrne..

Isnt this lovely?

Alright... help me with color choosing here.. and well my plans are either a Modern Kurung or this jubah like kebaya..

Help me...please.

a) Pale pink or pale peach
b) Gold and pearl beadings or White lace patchlike on to dress
c) Modern Kurung or Jubah-ish Kebaya

Please answer.

Loves xx


  1. I love pale colors too but mom always bebel saying i look dull..between the two..i love pink better but its kinda common like everyday wear.Peach is sweet and most likely to make u glow on ur most special day!kot..hehe

  2. OMG..i am so ecstatic...the famous my post!...ur so popular...I was like segan to ask you questions...

    u had a beautiful wedding..pray u have a great life with him ahead...

    true..true...peach sort of has that glowing color kan??

    do you think its worth it for me and wait to go to jakarta and scout materials...? I have tikets to go nex month.. (siap nak stay at ibis manggar u)

    i wana go look for french lace...and some kain for bridesmaids..and family to wear..

    loved ur jakarta manual guide for weding haves...

  3. Heyyy...dun say dat la..malu..huhuhu..when ur wedding dh publish kt blog soon u'll b popular too..hehe..
    Peach maybe can match w champaigne beads..
    U can buy 2 mtrs of french lace,2 mtrs of chiffon and 2 mtrs of plain silk..
    Coz french lace is quite expensive..if pakai dari atas sampai bwh lace nanti dh tak special the designer suke mix n match mcm2 jenis kain nanti ikut design n body cut.all d best dear!