Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dina's Collection> Anyone ever hired her services????

I was in IOI Puchong..the mall..and whilst heading to crocs, realised there was a butik..called Dina Collections. I walked in...the place sold some collections of clothes and at the window were a collection of pretty bridal wear...her designs were more into Indonesian Kebayas...I was given a brochure...they did pelamins.. make up..a lot of the works.. hence I wanted to know more..

The SA said prices start at 1k for made to measure orders with shoes and a veil.. But Dina was not in to go into deeper details hence the SA asked me to come visit again or give Dina a call to arrange a meeting..

Was wondering if anyone else has ever used her services??

try check out her web..


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  1. yess....i'm using her services...if u want to see her service...pleasa add me at my wedding picture