Friday, October 30, 2009

Craving Cake

I know I keep mentioning cakes...but I am such a sucker for cakes...I cant help it.. are some more designs i fell in love...

that one is pretty...

here is more toned down on colors..

Umm...would love buttercup and chocolate am a sore loser...I want cake now!

Which do u ladies preger?? pink roses or white nude color roses??



  1. the both are oh so cantik..but me of course i'll pick the first one..hehehe..typical..i dunno why suddenly i'm so into pink..i swear it was not like this before..

  2. u know...i loved the pink one too....pretty but u still have the heart to cut it...hehe.. believe me sab..i have been homegrown love no part with pink...and i mean all types of pink for a really long time... the color u chose for your dress will rock!