Friday, October 23, 2009

Bride Side Dress

Off all things... Brides will always fret over the dress.. you wanna wear the dress.. the perfect dress to exuberate the big day. logic calls, at every wedding, guests all want to just stare at the bride..and gasp. You know you want that effect..

There are just soooo many designs.. from traditional to contemporary to sexy to conservative..and then you have some brides who do those multiple changes..

Myself.... ooh..tough call too I must say.. but from a lot of dresses I have seen, there was one in particular that got me hooked for almost 5 years now..

Yes...remember this Wedding of the Year, Datin Norjuma? Well I just loved this dress worn during her Berinai Ceremony.. designed none other by Radzuan Razwill.. Kudos to you RR, this was perfect.

So from all those years ago, I decided, when I get married, I want to wear this dress design. obviously not the exact, this is couture! lol.. but InshaAllah, my doa will makbul, and I get to wear somethings similar and just as sweet.

So from this dress, which i call the Kebaya Grace, actually coz its like a Kebaya Floor grazing dress...a new evolution started..

Now I personally love Erra & Royal  Zara's Nikah a lil less heavier looking then Datin Norjuma's but its the shimmery glow flowiness of it all that just makes it exquisite. Radzuan Razwill.. you rock with bridal dresses! What do I have to do now??  Firstly, save money. Secondly, lose weight.

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