Monday, October 26, 2009

Theme & Colors

Weddings are synonym to WHITE... white dress..settled.

but then I remembered when a friend of mine asked.. so whats your theme wedding....I was like..there has to be a theme? bukan Malay Muslim wedding tu dah kire theme? have the color of flowers...chair covers,.. canopy.. pelamin..  the wedding invites... and the favors..

so i have 3 vice colors.. white black pink... my whole wardrobe exists of these colors..

so I would think pink for the flowers...but for chairs too..mcm pink sgt. i always wanted a mix of a few colors..

so i thought engagement nanti i want to wear peach pink kurung or kebaya labuh... and perhaps with white flowers of lace around the hem and cuff.. I know I suck at detailed explainations.. but when it gets more real I will share all bout it.

so the plan... nikah...sanding & tandang.. can I be allowed to wear just white, off white or a creamish color..please?


  1. my sister in law did that... all 3 baju was white..and she looked amazing...for mine i tukar sikit2 ..nikah white..reception white with pink beads and tandang champange...i wanted it to be basic boring i know..but i love it...

  2. hey, found your blog while blog hopping.. while i was still dreaming of getting married, i always plan not to wear white cos its like so cliche kan, but now both my nikah n reception dress are gonna be off-white n white. it just happened heheh.. when is your wedding? good luck ey!

  3. Sab.... i love the white with pink color'll look lovely with your complexion... ur designer will do a superb job..

    syarina..hey..thanks for reading my blog.. I am sooo crazy over white and off white and cream for my wedding...still in planning keep reading..I plan to blog some ideas soon..cuma a bit stuck with work...nanti don't forget to share suggestions with me..

    take care darlings..

  4. hi dear..what a coincidence!i oso want the same color combination me white-black-pink is like oh-so-amazing!haha..but too bad..fiance x suka pink!sigh!need to change the color..hhuhu..

    btw good luck for ur preps..
    let's share ideas etc..