Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well I really enjoy keeping up with SabSabby's blog, WLT, Ms X and others..its coz of you darlings that made me even want to brideblog..I always thought magazines would teach me a lot...but you guys are Wiki-wicked!

So lastnite I commented on Ms X blog bout harga designers and as such.. I mentioned bout a designer, Jeffriey Ibrahim.. Heard he has an impressive cv learning the ropes of the designing world..

First heard of him coz a friend in Brunei had a friend who actually had Jeffriey do her nikah dress.. I liked the oldschool kinda feel of it so from then on continued to search more bout him.

For Ms X here are a pic or 2 of his work. I hope its ok that I put this..( Jeff & Iman > hope u dont mind )

Love the simple lace yet its so breathtakingly put together..all the way to the cuffs..

These 2 pics sorta got me hooked.. Or am I just to into simplicity...?

Check out his blog...there are pics of previous weddings he did.


  1. ha'a la cantik2 jugak ye? dia base in kl jugak ke dear? i like! rate dia camane ridiculously expensive or affordable? hehhe byk tanya pulak i.. huhu *hugs*

  2. oh sweetie.. its ok...( at least I know someone reads my )
    Price range..if inclusive of beadings,veil, tudung with beadings and made to measure shoes..around 1500 onwards gitu lah..negotiable..I think he can move around with your budget pending designs.. I pon tgh calculate my accounts..if this is affordable for me.....haish..wish i was carrie

    and yes in KL.. xx (email me we cud compare notes)

  3. wah this baju is actually very very nice..

  4. kan sab...its so terletak and berseri...ur right..baju kurungs are just needs to be tailored and sized accordingly...

    i really wana wear lace...

  5. Hi dear, I was googling about jeffry jugak last time n found out his creation sgt cantiksss hehe, the one yg dia buat utk ur friend pon cantik. Did email him tho, and he ask me to call him instead for details, but i mcm x call lagi kot...glad i found ur blog, n yes, his price quite reasonable jugak kan....thanks for sharing dear =)

    Pssst,Maafkan saya sbb comment post yg lama, hehe

  6. Owh...Abby...It doesnt matter old or new...its sharing of info...anytime just ask, will try to help.

    JI's creations are nice..his latest runway was very bold I must say. I was in contact with him last month to survey2 my options...but right now hav yet decided.

    still weighing my my wedding is well almost in 12 months..

    you could email me at We could share more on the designers..but if you look on the right hand panel, my list of blogs I indulge...They have comprehensive infos too.

    I was also just asked bout designers to on another post. Will try to Post the latest od designers on a fresh new post.

    thank u for taking time to read my blog!

  7. this is sooo pretty!

    legal me yours, your blog is wiki-wicked too!