Friday, October 23, 2009

The Start

Assalamualaikum & Good Day..

Where do I start...and what do i say?

Well... I loved to write..but never seemed to have much time to blog.. and it wasnt until a few weeks ago that I came to know, there were and still are so many brides to be that blog all about wedding preps.. It wasn't until now that I came to understand, all the Pengantin, Bridal magazines I bought could not beat the amount of info I get from the darling blogs I read.. It was the real deal.. not just some marketing show.

I also understood how much money it takes to have a wedding, be it small or big, it needs a lotta dough.. $$$$ dough.. and all this time I thought the money I saved monthly was okay...I was wrong.. I know we should not bazir and Allah wants us to wasatiah at all times...but its my wedding day.. and like any bride, you just wana be a princess for a day and be the queen of his heart.. you want to wear that nice lovely chiffon off-white kurung with beads and pearls around the cuff, hem and neckline.. topping it off with a chiffon veil... you want to hold that perfect bouquet of red roses in your hands to stop the shivering of waiting to hear him say the vows of akad...

Okay..okay..I dont wana sound so much like a bimbo in my first entry but hey.. I think you know what I mean.. you wana be a bride..just for that one day.

So this to share of my road to legal me yours-him.


I hope you darlings will comment once in awhile...and keep me grounded and on track..

Thank you for your kind time. Will blog more soon.

Take care.


  1. yay zain i found your blog..i was hoping you were going to start so can read your stories too...ehehehe...

  2. Sab..I dont know how to tell honored I am coz I think you are my first reader..and..i was at one point thinking maybe you were my only reader..hehe...