Saturday, October 31, 2009


Do you wish to stay young, healthy, rich & immortal? If you desire these things, you won't find it in this world. You can however, in the Life of Hereafter. Allah has decreed misery and impermanence for this world. God called life a trifle & enjoyment of deception.

There is a well-known poet from a really long time ago, who for the greater part of his life lived a life of penury. In the prime of his youth, he wanted money but couldn't get it. He wanted a wife too, but he failed in that pursuit as well.
However, when he became old, with white hair and brittle bones, he became rich. Women were all willing to marry him and he had a comfortable life.
The irony of his story is that he was "poor" when he was able to enjoy all comforts and that he became rich when he could no longer enjoy the pleasures of life.

He composed these verses in the latter part of his life :

"What I desired to own when I was only twenty,

Came into my possession after turning eighty.

Young Turkish girls now surround me,

Singing and wearing silks & jewels.

They say ' your moans keep us awake all night long, so what is it that you complain of?

I said,' Of being an octogenarian".

"...and they thought they would never return to Us." (Quran 28:39)

I say,

Don't be sad you never get that LV bag, or that nice Nissan Fairlady, or the nice big house with palm trees, or the good looking guy that prefers loafers over sneakers, or the girl that makes everyone look back at her twice, or that you never get to watch the Champions League live, or live like a footballer or the wife either, or that you can't join Miss World..ok, I think you get the point.

We see the pleasures of this life, but believe me, we don't have a clue the feeling of pleasure what Allah has Hereafter.

To whom ever who reads this, means you have the privilege to the internet, meaning your life is somewhat alright. Imagine people in Africa? they don't even have clean water let alone worry of updating facebook and twitter. We all just gotta keep being grateful.

To my own self, its okay whatever I drive, coz that is a pleasure then those who don't afford to do so,its okay to just wear Rimmel then MAC ( as if you can tell??)ok..I admit Avons more affordable,its ok to eat at mamak maju than Madam Kwans,to eat Paddle Pop and not Ben & Jerry's,to be tan than to be fair white,and finally to walk down Ikea aisles with (one-day-it-might-be)' him in sneakers and a rock tshirt', its all okay.

Because everyday I have to be super grateful to God, for giving me this life, if I ever dare think this is bad, I must remember it could have been a lot more worse.


  1. oh yes..i truly believe "u can never be happy with what you have..until what you want is what you have"...

    rezeki is always from Allah swt...and its for everyone..the more effort we make the more we get inshaAllah...

    but the question is always can money really give you happiness??...i can honestly me i've seen wht money can do..and its horrible...

  2. WOW. great post. love this. sometimes we forget how lucky we are... yeah, it's ok not to have the luxuries. there are a lot for us to be thankful for. HIS LOVE is abundant.