Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dress Distress

I have  been so busy with work..which I hate...coz it makes me sooo tired.. anyways.. I just came back early today and had high hopes...of blogging before I have to do work again..some stuff just never go away..

Refering to the title...I sort of am in a dilemma.

Well I really sholdnt be as I am not engaged yet. But  my parents are off to Mekah soon.. and due to some other complicated circumstances, we think best to get engaged early nex year... InsyAllah by end of year, we shall tie the knot. InsyAllah, enough time to prepare everything.. We don't want to be engaged too long..lets keep it short and sweet.

I remember the day, I told mum that Qaem and I plan to marry, she was excited.. and the weekend next, while we were at Jakel to get materials for jubah and other stuff, mama went ahead and bought off white beaded chiffon, the whole package..planned for a nikah outfit..

You see...i had it planned out... since I saw my good friend nikah in a white baju kurung moden...I thought it looked just simple but perfect.. so it was set...kurung moden for nikah, white with some silverish details on a floor grazing kebaya and finally off-white near cream lace mermaid cut modest dress... Qaem preferred these colors too..

However Qaem's mum secretly had her plans too... she wanted us in light purple near ( a lil heartbroken if not a!) I cant make the mermaid dress...coz it has to be lace and white...warna lain..tak sesuai...for me..whats important is the design of the dress...this is the only time I will be able to try pull off something not my norm..

I started thinking maybe I could do the mermaid dress for akad mum already bought this chiffon...and well when we tried to mannequin it..and then I realised...the beading was to heavy for a baju kurung moden...

ok here are pics...check it out...

Or do u think with this fabric I can still pull off the mermaid dress or the floor grazing kebaya?? Like the one Erra Fazira and Zara Salim wore for their akad nikahs?

*note mermaid dress will be more muslimah

Please share with me what you all think.. I know its just easy to go see a designer and leave it up to them to design.. but I still want to plan first..coz still savin up $$ for design fees..hehe more thing...for my engagement, I thought I wana go it on my it all, go buy the fabric, and send it to my personal tailor...and need be add beads or so with another lady I know.. will share you the designs once I can start drawing better..
Owh here is another shot of the beaded chiffon mum bought..


  1. oh babe, don't worry..everything will turn out to be pon dah beli kain nikah..but nikahnye tahun know what..u beli dari Jakel kan? u can always tukar your kain...but have to opt for kain yg tinggi sikit harganya dr kain yg previously u beli..u may try...sebab i pernah tukar kain i..good luck!

  2. yup what she says is true..jakel can tukar kain...if u take designer that actually has an account there then it will be much easier, then can tukar2 kain just like kan...

  3. You are both right I believe...becoz someone did mention to me that I can change the materials at jakel...but only like within a week..and this has been like 2 months dah kot..and resit idea ke mana dah now..

    sab....everytime I remember your dress reminds me how classic and perfect a kurung modern is...and how the akad should be kept classic...

    why do I have sooo many dress ideas in my head?? I bet coz its the only time we have a valid reason to glam up...and wear a veil and not be thought as cuckooo