Saturday, November 21, 2009

Updates Jakarta

First of parents safely made it to Mekah...syukur...syukur..syukur..

secondly I am their were so many guests over at the house..and its dire mess...that even my siblings offered to all help clean up..

but most of all....syukur sgt...coz Qaems family will come risik2 once parents are back...perhaps Awal Muharram nanti.. set all drama aside...Ya Allah, mudahkan lah jalan jodohku.. andai ini yg terbaik, dekatkanlahku dgn dia.

well...last weekend I sort of did this emotional post...which i later removed..Sorry..I felt that it was posted in anger and frustration...nanti I will do a seperate post to explain what not and suggest/advise all u sweethearts out there the darkside of jalan tar!

next up is... my Jakarta Trip towards the end of Dec...

What I planned so far

  • Must go to Mayestik for fabric...will badly need to persuade dad
  • Must go to Tanah Abang coz both parents keep saying it
  • Must go to Mangga Dua
  • Must get materials for reception both side ( need to further discuss with Qaem )
  • Must get fabric for bridesmaids
  • Must get spa works done on this body no wonderland plus face too
  • Must get materials for the family
Ok...what else am I missing?? Umm..well we are now not sure yet Ibis Arcadia or Ibis Mangga Dua..Boleh takkkkkk belum boook...

oh yes...Veil...well its settled that I want to wear net type of whats the take...better buy the net there...or its just the same here in kl? do advise..

Finally...umm....I am still waiting if anyone could kindly comment on my previous entry..have been waiting for days to get my blog isnt upscale enough yet I guess!..

Plz share me info regards to my dais dilemma..



  1. dear,
    i tak penah stay at both hotels. but i prefer tanah abg area...during mlm more happening & close to shopping malls too. so my pick goes to ibis arcadia :)

  2. Sweetie...ibis close to TA and shopping malls??

    and if its not too bad to get to Mayestik from there...then

    Ibis arcadia it is..

  3. What's the darkside of jln tar?