Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dais/Pelamin.....Please help Me


I know I keep complaining...but I am so tired! Dah lah today ada fire drill kat pet twin towers...selamat all 10k staff turun tangga all the way from like 80th floor!

i miss blogging...but i really havent the time lately..and its made me daydream also bout my wedding..will need to update more bout it..

but for now...I wanna talk bout the dais..

first of all, as you may come to understand..i want the akad nikah to be perfect...coz itu yg wajib..

and since my mum has a lot of say and want her way...i just want to control most of the akad nikah session..

therefore it has come to the dais part..

ever since 16 I remember going to a wedding at a nice hotel...but they had a duduk bersimpuh dais..and I loved it...but mama thinks raja sehari must have the throne my classiq simpuh was rejected...but then ada nikah...

loved this one...i wana sit there and stare into his eyes...and not care bout anything else...

This one is sweet...its white..and at the same time its almost like a love doesnt really look like ur on the floor but u still need to sit simpuh style... the one the royals, zara and Raja nazrin had were sit on the floor like..

ok here is another kinda like what I want from a famous celeb wedding courtesy of syokkahwin..

Now....apart from sharing me your ideas....

I also need you sweethearts to share with me any vendors or wedding services that supply these types of dais...I have been rummaging though magazines, pengantin, ratu sehari and also endless blogs and websies...but still havent found please help me!

i wana keep it simple...but yet near perfect..

please share with me k? I have such limited knowledge and contact info!



  1. dear, my 2 cents tau, on dais, nowdays la kan, ppl tends to have 2 different dais, nikah dais and reception dais, nikah dais normally yang duk simpuh and bersila, reception dais normal one with chair.. u can have 2 different type of dais, satu simple for nikah, satu grad for sanding,

    or 2 in 1, 2 in 1 means masa nikah just letak bantal and duk atas platform, then when it comes to reception then letak kerusi.. minimal deco on nikah, grand deco on reception.. but the same dais..

    banyak vendor, normally semua vendor ada this type of dais, yang duduk simpuh, its just u have to ask, give u some contoh later u google ek, hehe..

    u kat kl ke? if kl then rinsuzanna, nurularbee, zaifee zainal, arma, banyaklah u, go for their mini pelamin or pelamin nikah category..

    hope u find one that suis ur taste..

  2. oh ya, normal dais can be used for nikah dais, just cakap i nak dais ni but nak duk simpuh and bersila, they will advise you on that whether sesuai ke tak..

    kalau u ada suka normal dais that u think perfect for nikah dais then discuss with vendor, they will surely help u to have one that suits ur taste..

  3. OH huda...thank u for the checking out ZZ and Rinsuzana web rite now!...

    Hopefully i can find something I like...

    was hoping to find one that has a dfrent color a that baju putih nikah tu naik seri...( perasan je kan!)

    thanks hun